Top 5 ways to improve retirement Income for seniors

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After retirement, how can the elderly increase their income if they do not want to live on a pension?5 ways to boost your wallet:First, now retired to employment retirement age are highest at the urban and rural residents endowment insurance, men and women are asking for 60 one full year of life, but the actual progress in medical technology have a leap, this age old man still spirit, mental intelligence is not worse than young people much more special, straight home waiting for retirement age pension, their carefree boring,And stay at home for a long time, people will become more and more foolish, can choose to employment after retirement, you can find some more easily, such as the mail room, watching the concierge, clean more easily, such as community work, although the money is not much more special, but at least on the basis of the pension, but don’t risk to do great work, once an accident,You can’t even get a basic pension.Second, retired accept hire or delay retirement than retired again obtain employment, in fact, more and more people hope to have the chance to be restart, is a retired after all the job for a long time, very habits and familiar, and colleagues, boss know, work is more comfortable, but not all people have the opportunity, mostly in the form of some particularly strong ability to work management, old experts to this treatment,Or directly is to delay retirement, compared to re-hire, delay retirement is better, because the restart or back to work after retirement, that is a rather than the labor contract labor contract signed, the company does not need to pay social security, but delay retirement continue to work, the company will continue to give you pay social security, pensions follows the more pay, more long pay more, the principle of extended capture to expend fixed number of year,The level of monthly pension is even higher.Thirdly, there are still some old people in the we-media operation. After retirement, they do not get the opportunity of re-employment, and it is difficult to find a job at their old age. Is it necessary to provide for the aged at home?Now with this a way, since the media in the threshold is low, easy to use, a lot of the old man has been using this approach through video, articles, live to make money, for the elderly, the simplest is likely to be broadcast live, because don’t clip, can live some cooking, flowers, calligraphy, fitness, health knowledge, will get a lot of the same age,Through live broadcasting, we can earn platform share and reward share, which belong to some million or ten million big V, and advertisers will cooperate to release advertisements and earn income.Fourth, buy products approved by the national pension finance products BaoLei year after year, make a lot of people think of as soon as it heard the financial fraud two characters, but this also points, if it is at sixes and sevens high return financial products on the market, big probability is easy to lose money, but some countries launched the financial government project, in the range of allowable ability can do some investment, like to buy Treasury bonds,Or, in September last year, the CBRC chose Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Qingdao to carry out the pilot pension financial products, choose ICBC Financial services, CCB financial services, Zhao Bank financial services, Everbright financial services and other four bank financial services subsidiary pension financial products pilot institutions.It will be officially sold on December 6th, and it is recommended by the regulatory authorities, with high security and safety. However, since it is an investment, risks cannot be avoided. It is only said that the risks are smaller than disorderly financial products in the market, so we must do what we can when buying them.Fifth, the contribution of supplementary endowment insurance or personal pension belongs to the people who have not yet retired. Now they can do their homework on finding a job and contributing to the endowment insurance, such as joining the supplementary endowment insurance system, or waiting to join the personal pension.Our country adds system of sex endowment insurance to have occupation annuity and enterprise annuity, occupation annuity basically is for institution personnel to install, take an examination of gong to take an examination of make up is first selection, enterprise annuity basically is large enterprise to be able to set now.In addition to employees, Shanxi Province also sets up a supplementary endowment insurance system for urban and rural residents. On the basis of paying the basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents, they can participate in the supplementary endowment insurance, pay two, and get two pensions after retirement.Review by the end of last year, the national conference on personal pension system, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 60 years old and a population of more than 267 million, 2021, the national basic pension pressure increase, may accelerate personal pension system in 2022, believe that many people have the opportunity to outside of the social security for yourself to save money,Raise your retirement income.