To help optimize the Business Environment, 65 cases of drunk driving were detected during the Spring Festival travel rush by xingan League traffic police

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During the Spring Festival, dinner party is more drunken driving drunk driving accident risk, to better help optimize business environment, prevent and reduce road traffic accident involving wine hinggan league branch right banner police continue to carry out the drunken driving drunk focus resolutely curb a clampdown drunken driving drunk driving accident cause trouble for the general public to build safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment.According to the characteristics of the area of regulation of drink driving offence, right banner public security bureau traffic police do during the day and night, the combination of mistake attack, to extend the time of treatment, such as a variety of ways, in catering industry and transport road sections such as set up checkpoints, strengthen centralized regulation coverage, block the drunken driving and drunk driving by luck.From January 17 to February 25, 65 cases of drunk driving, 26 cases of drinking and 39 cases of drunk driving were detected.In daily life, we are drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We are all traffic participants. It is our common responsibility to maintain traffic safety and refuse drunk driving.Drunk driving is harmful, heavy consequences, in order to their own and other people’s life safety, family happiness, please the majority of drivers consciously do not drink, drink do not drive “, do not take chances, drunk driving.▎ At the public Security Bureau of The Right Middle Banner of Xinganmeng City, Inner Mongolia