The Opening of the Winter Olympics, we dance in the Bird’s Nest

2022-05-23 0 By

On the evening of February 4th, the dance team of Zhangjiakou Group Art Museum participated in the welcoming ceremony of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. They held the whip and put zhangjiakou’s unique folk art exhibition in front of the people of the world.Ms. Cao, a member of the dance team, said, “We have spent an extraordinary Spring Festival in Beijing, which is sacred and meaningful. Today, we live up to everyone’s expectations. We proudly stood on the stage at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, showing our hometown’s leadership and presenting our unique culture to more audiences!”As a member of the dance team, Shi participated in the whole rehearsal and performance of the show, and the most exciting thing for her is that she spent her 66th birthday at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Ms. Cao introduced that the 24 members of the city qunyi Dance team began to rehearse from the middle and late October last year, from the team leader to actors, from choreography to training, everyone is very serious.In addition to a few rehearsals in the Bird’s Nest, they also have to step up their practice in the resident hotel every day, in order to present the most wonderful moment to the world.(Ji Zemin heading south) Source: Zhangjiakou News