Jon Chen looked so tender, wearing a bright yellow coat to attract eyes, looking at the vitality is lovely

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When girls walk on the street, what kind of clothes will attract them?I believe that the dress with personality and eye-catching color will definitely let you see a few eyes, people have a strong visual perception effect for color, see bright color will always be unable to control their eyes.In the same way, if you want to create a personalized look that catches your eye, you can easily create a stylish look by taking advantage of the unique color scheme.I believe that no girl can refuse the eye-catching outfit.As a girl, who doesn’t want to be the one to stand out in the crowd?So let’s talk about those eye-catching outfits.Absorbing eye wear is not the pursuit of flashy, will wear focus on absorbing eye and have grade above, such wear will be more advanced, more attractive.There are a lot of tricks you need to know about the use of color. If you choose color combinations boldly, it is easy to create a sense of clutter and excitement, but it is difficult to show advanced sense.It is also because of the excitement of color that many people are reluctant to choose colorful clothes.Want you to use proper only actually, the color of individual character can bring a lot of surprise feeling to you likewise.When creating eyeball effect, it is inevitable to leave the color of personality, through color matching to enhance the overall eyeball effect is the most classic and best method of operation.Who could resist such an eye-catching and unique outfit?Learn these tips to create a sense of class.People are afraid of color, mainly in color collocation color is easy to wear a sense of chaos, so you can appropriately reduce the color collocation, choose pure color system single product to create eye effect at the same time, but also do not lose a simple sense, naturally can better show temperament beauty.So sometimes thinking differently can help you create a different fashion path.Colorful colors bring us a colorful world, nature can also play a very good effect in wearing.Although basic colors are very advanced to wear, once you learn about color, you will understand that eye-catching and unique colors are also a good choice.And it is important to know that color matching does not dominate the overall style, but depends more on the style and design of the clothing itself.For example, a bright yellow coat.Whole used loose add fasten belt type design, make give along with sex appeal, at the same time use bright yellow to enhance whole absorb eyeball effect and sense of vitality, still can make the effect that gives reduce age, do not make you move?● Use base colors Of course, if you choose a bright color for your outfit, you can use base colors to work with other pieces, which greatly reduces the chances of making a mistake.Of course, still can choose some of universal match sex is tall and the color that can cooperate with it, can match gives very good result likewise.For example, a bright yellow coat can be paired with a white base, which is paired with a base color to accentuate the glare of a bright yellow.At the same time, the lower part of the body to choose blue jeans, but also to a certain extent, reduce the stimulation of yellow, to create a refreshing and energetic effect, for the overall sense of aging can also play a very good help.If you can master the use of color, it will be much easier to create an eye-catching effect.Advanced and eye-catching wear match coming!Believe that no one can refuse, quickly follow the learning, learn not to lose.The combination of yellow and green plaid coat can give the race a sense of vitality and vitality, also can play a very good aging effect, with the plaid elements can show the retro sense of senior, the overall collocation has a simple and mature effect.At the same time, there is a very strong effect of eyeball absorption, the use of three colors to coordinate with each other, to create a very advanced effect, coupled with contracted H plate, it looks more atmospheric.Black printed T-shirt and black pants were selected to enhance the overall simplicity with the basic color, and to better highlight the eye attraction of the coat.Low red double-sided cotton-padded jacket is not uncommon in double clothing in daily, using white and red make a two-sided effect, two kinds of color can be neutralised, present the effect will be more advanced, with red inside, through a small amount of red ornament, can create suction eye effect, still can make white intellectual sense to get a good release.It is paired with black leggings and black and white sweaters to create a folded effect and increase the overall simplicity. At the same time, it is paired with black star printed wide-leg pants to make the overall outfit more casual and daily.● Light-colored printed suits are mainly yellow, giving other colors a good space to play, while the choice of black tie to increase the overall sense of contrast.The main part of the suit is decorated with quietly elegant lotus flowers to increase the overall artistic field, while the collar part is decorated with colorful embroidered flowers to increase the uniqueness.The interior is matched with lace embroidered flower vest, which can also form a good sense of echo with the suit. At the same time, the white rope acts as a belt to enhance the overall design sense and make it look more unique and advanced.The whole with light and dark contrast with the printing, to the race of senior exquisite feeling, release elegant and fresh temperament beauty.