The illegal construction covers an area of nearly one hundred mu, polluting the environment has become addicted, and this enterprise in Jiangxi province has been complained by villagers

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On February 17, media reported that jiangxi Huasun Logistics Co., LTD., located in Qingzhou Tao Jia Natural Village, Gaowu Village, Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County, was complained by villagers in recent years, the original three-story factory building was built five or six stories high, seriously affecting the lighting, sun exposure and ventilation of surrounding villagers’ houses.At the same time, the company’s factory was leased to the outside, and the noise, vibration, stench and paint smell also made the villagers miserable, triggering discussions from all sides and hot discussions among netizens.The related news reports are as follows.▲ The trees at the foot of the dike are encased by the factory area.Recently, the villagers of Qingzhou Taojia Natural Village, Gaowu Village, Jiangxiang Town, Nanchang County, reported to the media that jiangxi Huashun Logistics Co., LTD., located in the middle of the village, was built in disorder in recent years. The original three-story factory building was built to five or six stories high, which seriously affected the lighting, sun exposure and ventilation of surrounding houses.At the same time, the company leased the plant, noise, vibration, stench, paint smell also make the villagers miserable.According to villager Tao Qiusheng, in 2013, he built a three-story house on his homesite, just across the wall from Huashun Logistics.At that time, most of the factories of Huashun Logistics were also three-story buildings.However, in the following years, Huashun Logistics used iron sheet to surround the roof and secretly added layers of construction, many factories slowly “grow” to five or six stories, many problems followed.”They built their factory too high, which caused poor ventilation in my house and severely affected the light, which had to be turned on most of the day.”What lets Tao Qiusheng accept hard is, a factory building on the opposite side of its door secretly did paint factory, pungent peculiar smell lets family dare not open a window for a long time, living environment is getting worse and worse.February 15, the reporter around the plant of Huasun logistics turned a circle, found that the company was rectangular “embedded” in the village, south by jiang Xiang embankment, east by Yuzhang bridge and Jiang Xiang town main road, the remaining two sides are close to the villagers’ housing.Villagers Tao Huagen, Tao Nianggou and others pointed to the sewage from one side of the factory and told reporters that there were many rental houses in the factory, including a glass factory, a driving school, and a dangerous goods transport vehicle company. They often knocked on the factory day and night. The noise and vibration sound were endless in the ears, and the smell of foul smell and paint made the villagers unbearable and restless.What worries the villagers more is that the embankment outside the dike is being gradually “eaten” by Huashun logistics, in case of a flood situation, the consequences are unimaginable.Villagers said that although the relevant authorities received complaints before, stop the company haphazard construction, also solved some environmental pollution problems, but still not broken root, some problems repeatedly, illegal construction has not been dealt with.In order to verify the villagers’ complaints, reporters came to Huashun Logistics Company on the morning of February 15, but liu Baogen, the head of the company, quickly left the office after hearing of the reporters’ arrival.After much investigation, the reporter found Liu Baogen in another rental unit in the factory area, but he denied that he was “Liu Baogen”, until the villagers came to identify Liu Baogen admitted his identity, he said: “something to find the town, I am not convenient to provide any plant construction and approval materials.”In this regard, The relevant person in charge of Jiangxiang town should Jincai reply, the villagers did report to the higher authorities many times the illegal construction of Huashun flow.The town government learned that Huashun Logistics has used about 140 mu of land in the village, of which 93.89 mu has gone through the formalities of state-owned land, and the remaining 46 mu of land is within 80 meters of the embankment of Jiangxiang due to planning reasons, so far it cannot go through the formalities.The person in charge did not give a clear answer to whether there were 100,000 square meters of illegal construction in Huashun Logistics.However, another staff member of the town government responded that this was a problem left over from history. After the new party committee and government leadership of Jiangxiang Town took office, they attached great importance to the matter and would investigate it according to relevant procedures and deal with it according to laws and regulations.Ying admitted that the company had been fined more than 500,000 yuan for illegal land use and other problems.Right now, it’s a little complicated. It’s not easy to handle.Reporter notes: “Historical problems should not be ‘left behind’ in disregard of the reflection of the villagers, the villagers have been living in the environment of noise and stench pollution for a long time, let bad enterprises illegal pollution and arbitrary” expansion “……Ask yourself, how would we feel if we were there?What is this achievement view and development view?People’s livelihood is not trivial, branches and leaves are always related to the situation.The relevant departments should respond positively and set out a timetable for the settlement of the matter, as to how much interest the company has with the local area, how much illegal construction area and when it will be dismantled.Moreover, the front door of the company is located at the foot of jiang Xiang wei dike, and some trees of the foot of the dike have been gradually nibbled by the factory area.It is also understood that jiang Xiang embankment is the life embankment of jiang Xiang people, protecting more than 100,000 mu of good farmland and more than 100,000 people’s life and property safety, the local government and relevant departments should take urgent action, take drastic measures to solve this “historical legacy of the problem”.(Jiangxi News client jiangxi Daily reporter Fu Qiang) Illegal construction and pollution complaints to no avail Huashun logistics evil in the people when to rest Jiangxi news client (Jiangxi Daily reporter Fu Qiang)