How about hisense Game TV Ace 2023?Sharing user experience

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It is amazing to think that every household will buy TV sets. From that small fluorescent screen, TV sets bring us rich sensory experience through images and sound, and add a lot of fun to our lives.With the development of technology, the TV brands on the market are dizzying.When we buy a TV, we generally look at the configuration of the TV, including the screen, color gamut, resolution, HDR and so on.Recently, there are netizens more confused, hisense game TV Ace 2023 how?Is it worth buying?Hisense Game TV Ace 2023 is a 65-inch ULTRA-thin 4K LCD intelligent flat panel TV. In addition to high quality and clear sound quality, its appearance level is also very capable of playing. The frosted process is matched with hot printing ice blue design.Coupled with a 65-inch 240Hz high-brush esports screen, the living room as a whole is more high-end.At the same time, this price is about 5000, the function and configuration is not lost 7000 or 8000 TV brand, no matter is picture quality or sound is very good.It carries 90% OF the P3 wide color gamut and 178° wide Angle of view, to a greater extent, TV low reflection, no stasmo and low blue light, alleviate the damage of TV light to the eyes, effectively protect our vision.It also features 4GB+32GB of ram, which allows the processor to run faster and can load more movie and TV content to meet the viewing needs of different people.It also has a very low game latency of up to 2.7ms, no trailing, no lag, and smooth graphics, allowing you to get a step faster and better game experience when playing games, which is great.Talk about the attention to detail on this model.First, the newly upgraded Hisense ULED’s exclusive image processing technology makes the picture clearer and smoother.Then there’s the awesome 14% increase in dark field detail, a technology that intelligently senses light and dark areas in movies, movies and games in real time to improve brightness and create more layers.Finally, it uses a moth eye bionic screen, which can adjust the tone according to the light and dark environment, effectively reducing visual fatigue.What makes the author more satisfied is that Hisense game TV Ace 2023 has 2×12W high-power stereo field and independent shock absorption suspension system and dolby customized sound adjustment, so that you can be immersive when watching movies, and one step faster than others when playing games, so that you can observe six ways and hear all sides.Another plus is the Hi-Sound Earthsound engine, which uses AI content perception to make your TV more aware of you, making the viewing and gaming experience even more enjoyable.As TV game, of course, in addition to the basic television should have of function, it also has e-sports hardcore level configuration, the main of the new configuration 4 nuclear A73 HDMI2.1 interface architecture and higher bandwidth, coupled with the depth of adapter industry mainstream gaming platform, can improve gaming experience, let host and cloud game also can easily be competent at full speed,At the same time up to 1200+ cloud game content support, you can play freely on the big screen, truly support all your game love.Summary: Hisense game TV Ace 2023 quality?Is it worth buying?After hands-on experience, the author thinks hisense game TV Ace 2023 is very good in quality, in the same price of TV brands belong to a very high cost performance, worth starting, suggest to choose official authorized channels to buy, so as not to encounter unnecessary trouble.