Extremely brief grey wind villa, elegant feeling of senior | Conrad Architects

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Designed by Conrad Architects, Grange Residence is a four-bedroom Residence in Toorak, Melbourne, with breathtaking views of the city.Grange Residence is a seat in the tula grams (Toorak) four-bedroom construction, construction as a whole by Conrad Architects designed, it is a minimalist house to enjoy Melbourne magnificent views.The interior of the house is accessed through a gatehouse off the street, and a wall with a garden at the entrance creates a sense of mystery and seclusion.The entrance to the house was deliberately raised to give the impression of being “up” to the observatory.Through the gate house can enter curtilage interior street, with a garden at the entrance of walls create a sense of mystery and hidden. The entrance to the residential layer is deliberately to produce a sense of “up” to the observatory.Designed as a “sculpture suspended in a straight space”, the staircase is made of polished plaster and illuminated by skylights to create a minimalist sense of transparency.The stair is designed to be “suspended in the linear space of sculpture”, the stairs using polishing gypsum material, through the skylight lighting to create a simple transparent feeling.From private Spaces to bright, open terraces, the house’s central staircase offers panoramic views of the city from an outdoor terrace and infinity pool.From private space to bright, open terrace, look outwards through the house in the middle of the stairs, through the outdoor terrace and no marginal pool, panoramic panoramic view of the whole city.Concrete and marble are used throughout the interior, giving a reassuring and cozy feel in a minimalist palette.