You can’t ask questions, but you can learn?

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Every productive learner is one who asks himself or herself frequent questions that keep their minds active and keep them learning.”The Logic of Speech” proposes six learning methods related to speech, “frequently ask yourself questions” is one of the six methods, the book believes that the goal of education is to cultivate learners to be able to ask questions, rather than passively accept knowledge “sponge”.Tao Xingzhi said: thousands of inventions, the starting point in asking.When Galileo was a university student, he had his professors embarrassed;When Edison was in elementary school, his teachers were vexed with questions.When Li Siguang, a famous geologist in China, was playing hide-and-seek with his friends when he was young, he became interested in the big stone on the lawn and asked the teacher about the origin of the big stone.The teacher only knew that the stone had been in his childhood, and guessed that the stone might be hundreds of years old.Li Siguang asked, Who put the big stone there?The teacher guessed it was a meteorite that fell from the sky.Li Siguang then asked again: If a big stone falls from the sky, it will make a deep pit…The teacher was questioned.Later li Siguang went to ask his father again, but still did not get an answer.But what about big rocks?Why is the ground flat around the stone?These questions, however, remained in his mind.When Li Siguang grew up, based on his own knowledge, he decided that the big stone in his childhood should have been brought by a glacier from a distant place.For this reason, Li Siguang made further investigation and found a large number of relics of quaternary glaciation in the Yangtze River Basin…It shocked the world.In his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, Jobs said he asked himself a question every day: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?Jobs went on to explain that if the answer was no for more than a few days in a row, something had to change.Only then will you be sure to spend your time on the things that matter.When Ma Huateng started his business, facing the prospect of being overtaken by his competitors, he asked this question: Where are our users going online?At that time, there were few families with computers at home in China, and more people were surfing the Internet in Internet cafes. At that time, friends and chat records of chat software were saved locally, and they could not find their original friends when changing a computer.Through this problem, and then triggered the thinking of how to solve the problem, Tencent changed the way of communication in an era, only to grow into the Internet giant today.Only by asking questions can we think deeply in a certain direction, that is, asking questions can determine the future course of action.This is the power of questioning, which is the core ability that everyone needs to have in learning.