Van der Hur said cristiano ronaldo’s price had a knock-on effect, and that matic had a better effect standing behind sancho

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Van der Beek is set to join Everton on loan, Martial has opted for Sevilla, premier League media say lingard’s departure is imminent, greenwood is suspended, will sancho get more opportunities?”Sancho will get more chances in the second half and I expect him to fight his way into the first team.Matich is good behind sancho and I expect them to form an attacking partnership.Matich can be the anchor of the midfield, sancho can break down the wings and van der Huhu believes they are an ideal partnership.Van der Hur also said: “Cristiano ronaldo’s price has a knock-on effect.”The German Transfer estimated ronaldo’s value at 35 million euros, a figure that is considered reasonable, as the Portuguese star will soon be 37 years old, and even if his ability is still strong, his age will affect his value.Van der Hur has a deeper perspective on the price issue – Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest star in the dream theatre at the moment and his price has a knock-on effect.If the Price of the Portuguese superstar falls, it will affect the value of other united players, such as Sancho and Rashford, as well as the performance of the reds’ young players.Van der Hur insists ronaldo remains the “face” of the old trafford outfit, although it is understood that he is not expected to be too expensive, but as the face of the club, if German Transfer underestimates or overestimates his value, there will be a knock-on effect.Van der Huhu also suggested that the German sports channel was “stuffy” as it looked professional but only assessed the player’s prospects on the pitch rather than his commercial value or leadership role.So van der Hur believes that German sport channel not only underestimated the price of Ronaldo, lewan is also underestimated.The Dutch football legend also admitted that united’s overall form this season has been disappointing, which is another reason for ronaldo’s fall in value.In the German Transfer’s judgment, the agency’s professionals felt that the Portuguese superstar’s tactical role in the team declined, and that neither Solsaint nor Ranick could allow Ronaldo’s individual ability to improve the team’s results, so the Portuguese superstar’s individual value would be reduced.Of course, van der Hur also said that players over 35 are not a mainstream group in The European league, and the Bundesliga media does not have any reference to these veterans, which can have a knock-on effect.So, van der Hur says ronaldo’s price has a knock-on effect, and united’s management may be worried about their star’s falling value.With Greenwood due to play in the super Cup, and many of the reds’ midfield players leaving during the winter break, van der Hur says sancho will be given more opportunities.But the star expects Sancho to earn his chance through his own efforts, rather than “a teammate leaving the team or having an accident”.In van der Hur’s view, sancho may not be compatible with most of his Dreamtheatre team-mates, but his characteristics and matic could be combined.Rangnick can adjust his formation to allow Sancho and Matic to play back and forth, allowing the two to form a driving force.I have analyzed the main attacking lines of the Rangnick era, and the central axis combination behind Cavani is still very efficient.Given ronaldo’s value, Rangnick can’t afford to ignore the Portuguese superstar, so the attacking line can’t afford to give up on ronaldo either.In theory, the king could play alongside the Portuguese superstar, but Lingard wants to leave.Sancho will also need to be developed, and if matic can play behind him, the two men will probably play on the wing, leaving rangnick open to a 4-3-3 formation that could work well in theory.Rangnick has preferred to play 4-2-2-2 this season, and United will continue to play a “ladder” formation in the second half, with Matic playing directly behind Sancho as a central midfielder in this system.There has been much debate over the 4-2-2-2 formation, but van der Huhu feels it is ok for Rangnick to be conservative as the Reds are in a period of transition and the German coach needs to be familiar with the theatre of Dream.Matic is versatile and rangnick often sees him as a versatile midfielder, but if he can form a partnership with sancho, his role at United will become increasingly clear.So van der Hur says matich works well behind Sancho.