Single board “double Shu” four war Winter Olympics: adhere to the appearance, the most beautiful!

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Chinese snowboarder CAI Xuetong competes in the women’s halfpipe snowboard final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 10, 2018.Workers daily reporter Wei-wei wang Workers taken daily client reporter liu in the Beijing Olympics this morning snowboarding u-shaped ground skill finals, two for the fourth time on the games of the Chinese athletes Cai Xuetong and Liu Jiayu, eventually finished fourth and eighth respectively.Although the two veteran athletes did not win a medal, but they also gained their own wonderful from the competition, and gained people’s respect.CAI xuetong, born in 1993, is one of the first generation of Chinese halfpipe snowboarders. She was introduced to the sport at the age of 10 by amateur sports schools.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, CAI competed in her first Olympic Games at the age of 17, but failed to reach the final due to a large gap with the world’s advanced level.At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, CAI’s performance improved dramatically and she finished sixth.Four years later, she moved up one place to fifth in Pyeongchang.From the sixth place to the fifth place, and again to the fourth place this time, although there is still a step away from the medal, but CAI never stopped challenging his limits.In today’s competition, CAI Xuetong skated first with 81.25 points.In the second skate, she tried to make it harder, but failed.CAI xuetong’s final dive was a perfect one, but she failed to complete 180 degrees on her final dive, which affected her score and ended the Beijing Winter Olympics as the first skier.”I really wanted to do it, but IT was a pity.The final is different from the qualifiers. I have to do it or I will lose four years of hard work.”However, who can say that a hero who fails is not a hero?Before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, CAI said that the reason she has persevered so far is because she believes she still has potential.As for the injuries left in the years of training, she said lightly: “We are playing the limit, playing the limit of how there are no injuries?It’s just a matter of adjusting and going back to training.”CAI persevered all the way, surrounded by good partners who encouraged each other.Liu Jiayu, CAI’s pre-Olympics teammate, wrote on social media: “Make the impossible possible, as long as you believe in yourself!”At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Liu jiayu, also a rookie, finished fourth in the final.But in Sochi, she didn’t perform as well as she expected, finishing ninth in the final.At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Liu Jiayu performed well and finally won the silver medal, realizing China’s breakthrough of zero MEDALS in this event.But Liu was out of form in today’s final, making mistakes in the first two rounds.Under great pressure, Liu jiayu successfully completed the routine in the third round.After the game, Liu Jiayu said that the Winter Olympics had surprises and regrets, but in general it was satisfactory.She hardly showed the “heaviness” of a veteran. She smiled and answered every question from reporters.”I’ve enjoyed every moment of snowboarding, I’m not going to retire and I’m definitely going to continue to prepare for the next Winter Olympics.”Referring to the future plan, Liu Jiayu so told reporters.Behind the pursuit of dreams, is the long years of adherence.No matter what the final result is, CAI Xuetong and Liu Jiayu in the Olympic Games are worthy of people’s respect.It is with their persistence and efforts that China’s ice and snow sports are likely to make more breakthroughs!