Older people to eat less meat?Doctor: Big mistake!There are three dangers to not eating meat

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Wang, 67, looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help feeling a lot.Then he made a big decision to lose weight by eating less meat and exercising more.In the following period of time, Lao Wang’s weight gradually reduced, a nearly 70-year-old man weight is less than 100 jin.In fact, keeping your weight within a healthy range is good for your health as you get older, but is thinner really better?Let’s take a look.It used to be common sense to cut down on meat and carbs if you wanted to live a long and healthy life.But research shows that low protein is good for health, and the proportion of protein in your diet is the most important health factor, especially animal protein, and eating too much of it is bad for your health.But for people over the age of 65, the relationship between protein and health was reversed, meaning a high-protein diet was associated with longer life.It could be that older people are less able to absorb protein and need to eat more to meet their body’s needs.So, after age 65, the right thing for older people is not to eat less protein, but to eat more protein.As one of the best sources of protein, meat is an essential food for any of us, and it’s also a very important food for the elderly.If you don’t have enough meat to get the protein your body needs, you can’t stay healthy.Generally speaking, if we eat less meat in old age, we are likely to do three kinds of harm that we need to know.What does it mean to eat less meat after the age of 65?These 3 kinds of harm to do “know”!Sarcopenia can affect daily life, such as walking and standing. In addition, sarcopenia can affect other diseases.Currently, in older adults, increased protein intake can further reduce the risk of muscle loss by slowing the rate of muscle loss.2. Malnutrition Malnutrition is now the most common disease among the elderly compared to other diseases caused by obesity.The elderly often suffer from pneumonia due to cold, mainly due to lack of protein.Therefore, to treat malnutrition and enhance immunity, it is necessary to increase not only energy intake, but also protein intake.As we get older, our immunity gradually decreases.After entering old age, the body function will gradually become worse, in the aspect of diet, will also be due to saliva and chewing ability decline and gastrointestinal problems, and even many elderly people will appear malnutrition.When this happens, the body’s immunity decreases and the risk of disease increases.Therefore, for people over 65 years old, do the following three things to improve immunity and prolong life.Second, for the elderly over 65 years old, diet should pay attention to what aspects?The main sources of protein are beans, fish, eggs, meat and milk.The elderly must choose their favorite soft food, such as tofu, fish, eggs, and so on, and pay attention to collocation.Cut food into small pieces and pay attention to the grain to make the fiber shorter and easier to chew.Make full use of cooking equipment. Pressure cookers are great tools to soften food easily and shorten cooking time.(2) Eat foods that are easy to swallow The elderly should choose foods that are easy to swallow, especially for those with swallowing difficulties. Foods that are too thin or large pieces of meat should not be eaten, as they may cause airway blockage.(3) Timely supplement of dietary fiber and probiotics if the diversity of intestinal flora in the elderly is reduced, it will lead to physical weakness and even cancer.Dietary fiber or probiotics can help improve the symptoms of these diseases by maintaining gut bacteria, strengthening the gut immune system and reducing inflammation.Therefore, intestinal flora is very important to avoid gastrointestinal diseases and improve the health of the elderly.Conclusion: Generally speaking, when we are old, we should not control our diet in pursuit of thinness.Instead, learn to regularly review your balanced nutritional intake.Only in this way can we create a happy old age for ourselves.