Midday comments: Shanghai index fell more than 2% gem rebound up 0.41%, northbound net outflow of more than 8.8 billion yuan

2022-05-21 0 By

Financial March 15 news today A shares three major indexes collective low open, the market continued to dip at the beginning of the day, after A shares appeared A wave of rebound market, gem refers to the first turn red and once rose more than 1.5%, Shenzhen component index also once turned red, but then the index fell again shock.By the midday close, The Shanghai composite index was down 2.18 percent at 3153.11, while the Shenzhen Component index was down 1.32 percent at 11904.61 and the Growth Enterprise Index was up 0.41 percent at 2580.91.The total turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 646.82 billion yuan;The actual net outflow of northbound funds was 8.836 billion yuan.Two cities 45 shares trading, 24 shares down limit (including ST shares).In terms of industry sectors, energy metals, engineering consulting services, batteries and other sectors rose, while coal industry, precious metals, mining industry, steel industry, gas and other sectors fell the most;In terms of topics, concepts such as electronic ID cards and COVID-19 drugs are popular.Electronic ID card concept rose, distant information, Nanwei software, Feituo, Jinglun electronic trading limit, Xiongdi technology rose more than 10%;Construction decoration plate active, Kelida, Zhejiang Construction investment, Hangzhou Garden, Longjian shares, Yangzi new material trading limit;Engineering consulting service concept went up, Hua She Group, China Sea cheng, Hua LAN Group trading limit, Gan Consulting, Han Jia Design, Jianyan Design rose to varying degrees;Pharmaceutical plate differentiation, Peking University medicine, Sanhe pharmaceutical supplement, Novartis, Uningwei trading limit, Hehua shares fell by the limit, Sai Lun biological, Xinyitang, ling pharmaceutical decline;East number west concept rebound, Ningbo Construction, Diwei Xun trading limit, Peng Doctor, jiatuan, Guiguang network to follow higher;Salt Lake lithium plate shock up, Song Du shares trading, Huayou cobalt industry, Ganfeng lithium, Yiwei lithium, Shengxin lithium, Tianqi lithium, Lanxiao Technology, Gold yuan shares, etc.Brokerage plate intraday, caida Securities hit limit, Zhejiang Securities, CICC, Xiangcai shares rose to varying degrees;Sino-russian trade concept continued to adjust, Tianshun shares, Jinzhou Port limit, Chuang Logistics, Jerry shares, Ningshui Group fell more than 5%;Individual stocks, Chongqing Jinjiaxing plans to reduce its holdings of no more than 2.1%, Shaanxi Jinye fell more than 8%;Liang Jun, the company’s core technical staff resigned, Cambrian fell more than 10%;Shareholders Ruzhou Shuncheng plans to reduce holdings of no more than 1%, Oriental Tower near the limit;In 2021, the net profit increased 35.37% year on year.Bohai Securities: affected by overseas local conflicts and overseas Chinese stocks fall back to the greater impact of northbound funds also present a sustained departure situation.But on the whole, the northbound funds are still in compliance with certain rules, the market panic back or more from domestic funds hedge behavior.In the short term, external risk factors and domestic capital hedging behavior, there is still the possibility of repeated, or to promote the bottom of the market repeated process.But in the middle and long term, the steady growth policy is expected to promote the recovery of enterprise economy is relatively clear, and is expected to bring corporate profits up at the low point.The market panic and risk factors of the catharsis process, the probability will bring low allocation opportunities in the year.Guotai Junan Securities: short-term adverse factors are still more, after the fall is expected to shock rebound, but the overall rebound space is limited.In the medium term, the market has been badly damaged and it will take time to repair.Given the obvious signs of chips moving down, but the long period near the average is strong support, so it is expected that at least one quarter in the future, the Shanghai Composite index will be between 3100-3400 points of the interval shock, the midline configuration is expected to appear after June.Guosheng Securities: in the history of relatively low valuation of The Shanghai stock index is expected to peripheral disturbance desensitization, ushered in a turnaround, investment recommendations to maintain value higher than the growth of the allocation ratio.In operation, the overall position should be controlled before the market effectively breaks upwards. “Steady growth” and “recovery of the middle and lower reaches of the manufacturing industry” will become the main logic driving the market operation. Attention should be paid to traditional infrastructure such as construction materials, as well as low-valuation sectors such as banking and insurance.Appropriate layout of the digital economy, the reform of central enterprises, the adjustment of sufficient new guide and other themes.