During the Spring Festival of 2022, qinghai’s consumer goods market sales are hot. The province’s 70 key monitoring enterprises “collected gold” of 250 million yuan, up 23% year on year

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Report from our correspondent (reporter satisafied) on February 9, the reporter learns from the business hall of qinghai province, in 2022, during the Spring Festival golden week holiday consumption widely respected, ice and snow entertainment consumption hot, bright new flower consumption, hit a country experience suffers bestow favor on, traditional folk and modern life combination of diversified, quality, upgrade the consumption demand release,The consumable market of the whole province shows vigorous vigor and vitality.According to data from the Unified platform of the Business system of the Ministry of Commerce, from January 31 to 20 o ‘clock on February 6, 70 key monitoring enterprises in the province achieved commodity sales of 250 million yuan, up 23% year on year.It is reported that local commercial departments continue to track market changes, effectively guide key trading enterprises, broaden supply channels, increase the distribution of necessities, increase holiday commodity reserves, to ensure adequate supply of daily necessities market.Before and after the Spring Festival, the province has released 400 tons of central reserve beef and mutton, xining municipal government has released 5,000 tons of reserve vegetables, 400 tons of frozen pork, 200 tons of frozen beef and 150 tons of frozen mutton in the first batch.From January 25 to 31, Xining city carried out the “Spring Festival” vegetable supply at a fair price. Seven kinds of delicate vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic sprouts, eggplant, Chinese leeks and Chinese cabbage, were distributed to 186 branches in the four districts, one day longer than in previous years.According to the monitoring, on February 2, 68 key monitoring retail enterprises in the province had 486 tons of rice, 972 tons of flour, 261 tons of edible oil, 64 tons of eggs and 373 tons of vegetables in stock. The Distribution center of Agricultural and By-products on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau had 400 tons of vegetables and 1,149 tons of vegetables in stock, effectively guaranteeing the consumption demand for the festival.January 28 solstice on March 6, the provincial department of commerce jointly organized with China telecom co., LTD. Qinghai province branch “big beautiful qinghai Spring Festival”, online resources, cities and provinces (states) of upper and lower linkage, in the form of issuing coupons “Spring Festival” to carry out digital payments, driving new consumption pattern change, power holiday consumption is growing rapidly.This activity, a total of more than 1,500 provincial business participation, is expected to issue 2 million consumer vouchers, the amount of 30 million yuan, as of February 6 noon, issued 103,700 consumer vouchers, the amount of subsidy 1,555,800 yuan, driving consumption 9,853,300 yuan, benefit the province’s consumers, to create a digital consumption feast.Qinghai Daily (February 10, 2022, 2nd edition: Key news in Qinghai Province) disclaimer: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily except the source indicated, and it is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission!