Degree end letter | tuantuan to help, “black” early landing

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Xianyou Youth League Xianyou County Committee official wechat group to help, “black household” early ground since the launch of party history education, Xianyou County Party committee focused on the urgent, difficult, sad, hope of the majority of young people, play the party has a call, the group has action, the people have a call, the group has a good tradition,Continue to promote the party history study and education achievements into the private practical, solve difficult problems, do good practical actions, in-depth carry out “I do practical things for the youth” practice activities, effectively improve the sense of gain, happiness and security of our county teenagers.In the Lantern Festival sympathy for the disadvantaged youth activities, a disadvantaged youth situation chart filled in the “undeclared household registration” several words particularly dazzling.Xianyou county party secretary Chen Lijun attaches great importance to, immediately asked town, village cadres to further track the implementation of the account supplement matters.Through the village to visit the investigation, learned that Lin Yi (pseudonym) a family of 4 people, the mother due to mental illness was brought back by her family, has been sent to putian psychiatric hospital treatment, for many years have not contacted;The father worked odd jobs to supplement the family income and took care of sick elderly people and young children.Because his parents have not registered their marriage, Lin yi cannot declare his household registration.According to the provisions of household administration, if a child born out of wedlock applies for birth registration with his father, he shall provide a paternity test report issued by a qualified judicial authentication institution.But Lin, who already lives on a tight budget and earns a meager income, cannot afford the cost of the forensic examination.Degree of tail town youth corps committee and xianyou adolescent social work service center in his mind to raise, help linyi families to apply for a full judicial relief paternity test fees, arrange fill out a form, blood sampling, inspection, and so on a set of processes, linyi bulldozed paternity test report, and dealt with in, registered permanent residence or school problem in this family for years has finally been settled.The next day, Lin Fu holding a “difficult children hanging heart, with affection to do practical things” the banner came to the end of the town government, thank the party and the government for its solved for many years did not solve the problem, round the children “settled” dream.There is no small matter of youth, a leaf is always related to the situation.Handling the “key trifles” of the youth group well is the “top priority” for the Communist Youth League.The household registration is xianyou county party committee with the end of the town party committee “I do practical things for teenagers” the specific performance of the practice.Next, duwei Town Youth League committee will consciously and firmly listen to the party’s words, follow the party’s pace of youth, with excellent achievements to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the league!Source: Duwei Town Youth League Committee editor: Lin Mengting