Biden tries to extract Concessions from China after US warship enters internal waters, 140 senators oppose him, loses twice

2022-05-21 0 By

Biden faces a domestic dilemma these days, but what exactly it is is kept secret.To solve this problem, Biden is pressing China to back down, even taking a dangerous step.According to the Ministry of National Defense, the US destroyer USS Benford illegally entered the territorial waters and internal waters of China’s Xisha Islands without the approval of the Chinese government.The PLA Southern Theater Command tracked it, monitored it and sent it away with a warning.This is a serious problem, because it’s not just territorial waters, it’s internal waters.To be honest, in the face of constant provocation by US ships and planes, or our own inadequate response strategies, can we reason with the “pirates”?The purpose of the US warship’s sudden entry into the internal waters is to put maximum pressure on China, force China to make concessions to help Biden out of the siege, and shift the pressure on Biden in the US.The Biden administration is still vague on the elimination of tariffs on China, but the U.S. business community is impatient and has been urging Biden to cut tariffs.The day before the ship’s incursion, Biden was cornered at a news conference by the media asking when tariffs would be lifted.He was unsure whether to lift tariffs on China and accused it of not living up to its promises.What he meant was that he was not ready to lift tariffs on China now, especially without any big concessions from China.In fact, before the Trump administration started a trade war against China, it believed that the US had an absolute advantage in economy, trade, science and technology and could “win twice”.The US has imposed tariffs on us $370 billion of Chinese products, added more than 600 Chinese companies to its entity list, blocked Huawei, 5G, chips and other high-tech sectors, and forced its Allies to block Chinese investment in projects…This does make it difficult for us.But in recent years, it has proved that this has not worked out as the United States intended, but rather that the United States has shot itself in the foot.Last year, according to customs data, China’s trade surplus with the US was 396.58 billion US dollars. On the contrary, the US had to import more goods from China.In particular, the current high level of INFLATION in the US has been exacerbated by the additional tariffs on China.Especially in the context of the disruption to the global supply chain caused by the epidemic, only China’s supply chain is the most complete and stable, which is the biggest advantage.As soon as Biden spoke, 140 lawmakers rebelled.Reuters reported that more than 140 MEMBERS of The US Congress called on US Trade Representative (USTR) Diane Dekey to immediately restore and expand the tariff exclusion process on Chinese goods. The tariffs paid by the US hurt American businesses and workers, and the increased costs undermine the competitiveness of US manufacturing, agriculture, energy, technology and other sectors.In fact, this situation is lose-lose, but the United States failed to achieve its goal of containing China’s economy, it just lost twice.Both sides want to remove tariffs, but neither side is willing to compromise.Honestly, the US is at a disadvantage right now. China has such a strong position in the global supply chain right now that we don’t have to make any concessions.But the United States still sees tariffs as their bargaining chip, and Biden is unlikely to lift them. He also intends to use it to maintain a tough stance on China. Moreover, it is the middle of the American election, and Biden will not lift the tariffs, so he is now forcing China to make concessions, which will solve his dilemma.So biden’s moves towards China are going to be more dangerous and despicable, so we need to be prepared for the storm.(A)