Spring begins today

2022-05-20 0 By

Looking forward to, looking forward to the east wind the footsteps of spring is near today 4:51 we ushered in the first solar term of the 24 spring, winter after spring, Yang and Awakening of Insects is the beginning of all things, all the meaning of the new cycle of rebirth, has quietly opened the folk saying,Spring begins three wait a wait of dongfeng two hou zhi starting vibration three hou fish insect negative accompanied ice thawing dongfeng touch over mountains and rivers gradually after a long cold winter dormant insect feel the warmth of spring dusty can fish under the ice will emerge, inhale the scent of spring a time the colors of the earth also gradually up snow and ice melt, vegetation incipience, cuttlefish pregnant bud from bank yellow gold LiuRui,Red dense point attractive scenery greeted us when spring begins slowly, folk have the custom of “bite” spring spring begins to eat the ripening, is people wishes for “spring” and “bite spring” chew carrot, then take the ancients “bite grassroots, Pepsi can do” the meaning of spring, the weather gets warmer but also to meet “pollen” to be continued clothes slowly,The beginning of spring today coincides with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. I wish the Olympic athletes good results in the field. I wish we live up to the spring and live up to ourselves