Only lost 10 games so far!Over 80 percent and the SUNS on track to win 65 games this season?

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After beating the Clippers 103-96 at home, the SUNS won six straight games for the third time this season after winning 18 in a row and 11 in a row, 18 of them a franchise record.The SUNS ‘six-game winning streak came on the heels of an 11-game winning streak and would have matched a franchise record with 18 straight wins but for an unexpected loss to Atlanta.The SUNS are 47-10, with a win rate of over 80 percent, for first place in the Western Conference and first in the league.Aside from the SUNS, only the Warriors and Grizzlies have won more than 40 games in the league. The SUNS have lost 10 games, and every other team has lost at least 16.The Warriors are second in the western Conference and second in the league at 42-16, but they are more than five games behind phoenix and 10 points below the winning percentage.It can be said that the SUNS are far ahead of the pack.The SUNS currently have the seventh-best winning percentage in NBA history.At their current 82.5 percent winning rate, the SUNS would win 68 games through 82 games.There have been only six 68-win seasons in history.It’s not the end of the season, but the SUNS have played nearly 60 games this season and still have such a winning record, which is very rare indeed.At this point, the SUNS are likely to win 60 games this season, with a good chance of winning more than 65 and breaking the franchise record.The SUNS ‘best record is 62-20, coming in the 1992-93 and 2004-05 seasons.Last season, the SUNS finished second in the Western Conference and second in the league, with a win rate of over 70 percent, which was the sixth-best team in franchise history.This season, the SUNS could go one step further and set a new franchise record.But even if the SUNS go 65 wins or better, this season’s MVP is unlikely to go to them because the SUNS are an all-american team with a core of Paul and Booker.While the SUNS have a good record, neither Paul nor Booker is in the MVP race by themselves.