Yulin Public Security High-tech branch patrol police to help people find lost mobile phones

2022-05-19 0 By

In order to ensure the jurisdiction, the people have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival yulin police patrol high bureau group continued to strengthen patrol social prevention and control, increasing populated places for key parts and personnel patrol the strength, density and frequency, maximum police in the street, to increase the rate of the people see the police and the charge rate.February 3, patrol police actively help people find lost mobile phones.At about 8 PM on the same day, patrol officers in the Wanda Plaza walking patrol, encountered two people for help, said that the two people on the third floor of the “big player” playing, put the mobile phone next to the game, after leaving, found the mobile phone lost, immediately back to find the phone, found no one, asked police to help find the missing mobile phone.Police immediately went to “big player” transfer monitoring, through monitoring found that the mobile phone was picked up by a passing woman, and then sent to the first floor, after the owner unlocked confirmation, the mobile phone is just lost mobile phone.The owner got the mobile phone, positive help to the police thank again and again.Editor: Duan Xin Editor: Jiang Qi Editor: Yao Qiming