There is no reason why underpaid clubs are allowed into the FOOTBALL association

2022-05-19 0 By

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) and THE Preparatory teams of THE Chinese Football Confederation (CAFC) have released a list of clubs admitted to the third-tier league for the 2022 season, and a number of clubs with unpaid wages have been admitted.Why would the Chinese Football Association give the green light to such clear violations as unpaid wages?How to ensure the vital interests of the majority of players, while ensuring the normal operation of the Chinese Super League?The Chinese Football Association’s answer is to trade time for space by first registering unpaid clubs and allowing them to play in the Chinese Super League to ensure normal operation.Then, a buffer period of about one year will be given to the unpaid clubs, so that the clubs can raise funds, improve their operating conditions, and promote reform with the help of local governments and various social forces.The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has ordered clubs to refrain from new unpaid wages for the 2022 season.For the 2021 season and before, there are three time nodes: no less than 30% of the total amount should be settled before July 31, 2022;Not less than 70% of the total amount of unpaid wages should be settled by October 31, 2022;All unpaid wages shall be settled by December 31, 2022.At the above three time points, the relevant clubs must submit to the Chinese Football Association signed by all coaches, players and staff unpaid salary payment forms for the 2021 season.At the same time, the Chinese football Association also made clear the corresponding punishment.Clubs that fail to meet the target by July 31 this year will be banned from signing new players in the second transfer window of the 2022 season, with a penalty of three league points deducted.The club that fails to complete the corresponding task before October 31 this year will be punished by 6 league points deduction;Finally, clubs that fail to settle all unpaid wages by December 31 this year will be subject to demotion or disqualification.As the manager of Chinese football, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is in a mixed mood towards unpaid clubs at present.If the Chinese Super League entry regulations are strictly implemented, so many clubs will be directly excluded from the Chinese Super League, and the league will cease to exist.If we turn a blind eye to the club’s underpayment or even malicious underpayment, and give them the green light to register, it will damage the vital interests of the majority of players and coaches.After all, these salary numbers are in black and white, clearly written in the employment contract and protected by law.Therefore, considering various factors, we can only launch the above expediency, hoping that the club can solve the problem of unpaid wages within the specified time node.To help struggling clubs survive, the Chinese Football Federation’s preparation group also plans to distribute bonuses to CSL clubs for the 2021 season in the near future, with each club receiving several million yuan.Compared with the bonus of tens of millions of yuan for CSL clubs in a single season a few years ago, these millions of yuan may seem insignificant and cannot fundamentally solve the economic crisis plaguing most clubs, but this expense can at least help clubs maintain basic operation and help each team maintain normal training.The Chinese Football Association and the PREPARATORY Group of THE Chinese Football Association (CFA) at least expressed their sincerity to work with clubs to tide over the difficulties and improve the situation of the league.