The boy was in a coma after 5 days of careful medical treatment and was discharged from hospital

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Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (reporter Lin Lin correspondent Zou Yaqin Xia Wenfang Zou Qiandong Liu Zhou) Xianning Tongshan three young doors and Windows closed in the house to burn charcoal heating, do not want to carbon monoxide poisoning caused a tragedy, resulting in two dead a coma.Xiao Liang (pseudonym) was discharged from hospital on February 4 after 5 days of intensive care by medical staff at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital).On the night of January 29, relatives and friends came to Lao Cheng’s home for a party. The three children, who had not seen each other for a long time, were also excited. They played together until 1 am and still had enough.When they got inside, they felt a chill coming over them, so they closed the doors and Windows and brought in the brazier they kept warm in the living room, for fear that they might kick it over when they got up at night. They also tucked the brazier under the bed and put in some fresh carbon before going to bed.Unexpectedly, small action, but buried the hidden danger of taking life.The next morning at 7 a.m., the adults were ready to take their children out to visit relatives, but no one answered the door for a long time.When the door was broken in, what they saw horrified everyone: an eight-year-old and an 11-year-old on the ground, motionless, and 13-year-old Xiao Liang (not her real name) lying on the bed, her lips blue and foaming at the mouth.The family hurriedly called the emergency number 120 and moved the three children to the empty living room.However, emergency personnel arrived and found that the two children on the ground had no vital signs, and Xiao Liang had fallen into a deep coma, both lungs auscultation rales, bilateral pupil constriction, slow light reflex, life was in danger.The local hospital recommended immediate transfer to the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, and at the same time, contact Professor Zou Qendong, Department I of intensive Care Medicine of the hospital to make preparations for treatment.At 12:40 p.m. on January 30, Xiao Liang was sent to Wuhan by ambulance.On admission, he was delirious with rapid heart rate, poor oxygenation and shortness of breath.Bedside blood gas analysis suggested severe hypoxemia, metabolic acidosis and hyperlactic acidemia.At the same time, his heart muscle was severely damaged, accompanied by cerebral edema, and his condition was very critical.The medical staff immediately gave endotracheal intubation ventilator for assisted breathing, considering that Xiao Liang was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition to high concentration oxygen ventilation, she was given support treatment such as mild hypothermia, sedation, dehydration and nourishing myocardium.After endotracheal intubation, Xiao Liang’s oxygenation improved, but at 8 o ‘clock that night, his temperature suddenly rose to 39.5 degrees Celsius. The medical staff guarded his bed and spent a sleepless night.Due to his critical condition and a long time of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is highly likely to be complicated with multiple organ dysfunction and severe infection, so Xiao Liang was declared critically ill again.The family members are both regretful and anxious, and hope that the medical staff will do their best to cure them.Although it is the Spring Festival holiday, under the leadership of Director Zhan Liying of division I of Intensive Care Medicine, the medical staff still stick to their posts, treat them with care, and keep guarding them, expecting miracles to happen.On January 31, the results of laboratory tests showed that Xiao Liang’s carboxyhemoglobin level was gradually becoming normal, which gave the general medical staff a slight relief.Professor Zou Defenders east led the medical team according to his condition changes, timely development of a daily diagnosis and treatment plan, while psychological counseling for family members.On February 1, the day of the Lunar New Year, Xiao Liang was finally awakened and his cardiopulmonary function improved significantly. At around 11 o ‘clock, the offline test was successful and the endotracheal intubation was successfully removed at 11:30.On February 2, Xiao Liang began to eat on his own.He shared his feelings through a video call with his family on Wednesday.On the morning of April 4, Xiao Liang was discharged from the hospital without any complications.Every winter is a high season for carbon monoxide poisoning, which is caused by closed rooms and poor ventilation when people burn charcoal for heating, use coal stoves or gas water heaters, Zhan liying said.He pointed out that, after carbon monoxide poisoning, mild people have headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, general weakness, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms, many people will mistake it for a cold or gastroenteritis, and did not leave the scene in time.As the poisoning deepens, there is confusion, skin flushing, hands and feet do not control, loss of self-rescue ability.What is the emergency treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning?Professor Zhan Liying said that the first thing to do is to cut off carbon monoxide sources, immediately open Windows for ventilation to make air convection, quickly turn off gas, gas cookers, water heater valves, pipeline gas facilities and equipment, put out charcoal fire.Then quickly remove the patient from the scene of poisoning, transfer to fresh air, well ventilated place.Open the collar button of the victim, keep the respiratory tract open, and pay attention to warm to prevent complications.Patients should keep quiet and rest, avoid aggravated oxygen consumption by activities, and let patients inhale oxygen as soon as possible.For moderate and severe patients, while conducting on-site first aid, they should immediately dial 120 emergency number and be sent to a hospital with hyperbaric oxygen chamber for treatment as soon as possible.For critically ill patients with respiratory and cardiac arrest, artificial respiration and cardiac compression should be given immediately, and at the same time, they should be transferred to the hospital for rescue treatment.Professor Zhan liying finally suggested that in the cold season, if possible, choose central heating.When indoor use coal stove, charcoal fire and other heating equipment, to ensure that coal combustion, not stuffy cover.Often open doors and Windows for ventilation to maintain fresh indoor air.When heating equipment such as coal stove and charcoal fire is used in the home, it is best to install carbon monoxide detector, and check and maintain regularly to ensure the normal operation of the detector.