Spring Festival drive home don’t panic, Wei brand Macchiato DHT-PHEV help you on the way home

2022-05-19 0 By

Some time ago, I had a conversation with some college students about how to go home for the Spring Festival this year. As a result, they all chose to drive home by themselves as discussed in advance. I was the only one who was still waiting for the tickets to go home.Returned home after my mind has been in a car, just in time for the benefit of the company this year is pretty good, year-end bonuses are also very much, so I’m going to buy a car for oneself, also can open it back during the Spring Festival, also could bring parents to outside walk, and finally I will w – brand macchiato DHT PHEV as my target models, the reason,Listen to me carefully.The car speed, welfare more I now work place is a first-tier cities, so now a car to pick up the car fast or has the certain difficulty, but fortunately I selected is macchiato DHT – PHEV, the car is very fast, can completely satisfy the driving home for the holiday, I wish, at the same time can also enjoy free lottery registration, and tax free, unlimited line.When I bought the car, the sales staff also introduced that the current Purchase of Macchiato DHT-PHEV can enjoy five New Year gifts, such as the purchase of 1000 yuan, as low as 0 down payment or up to 36 periods of 0 interest financial loan service, the first owner of 5 years 5 free basic maintenance and so on. I have to say,Such preferential policies are too friendly for “poor” migrant workers like me., with the help of advanced intelligent driving auxiliary power while driving license on his way home when I was in university has been received, from the time point of view is an old driver, but in fact, I was driving the number of times is a handful, so for the drive home my in the mind some worry, after all, I for your driving skills are clearly cognitive,However, when I actually drove the Macchiato DHT-PHEV, my concerns were completely dispelled.Macchito DHT-PHEV is equipped with L2 level intelligent driver assistance, which integrates multiple intelligent driver assistance configurations to effectively reduce driving risks. When active lane change operation is performed, the system function will also be inhibited and the IQ is extremely high.When I told parents to buy it, I can clearly feel they are happy, and in two days before my cousin also called me and asked me – PHEV macchiato DHT driving feeling, when I put my driving experience in detail to her cousin had to sit still, hurriedly put down the phone, straight to the 4 s shop,Told me she was going to award herself a Macchiato DHT-PHEV.