School season, happy season!Ankai S6 school bus set sail with you to pursue your dream

2022-05-19 0 By

Off the winter ling Cold, usher in spring full of the school season, all good, as about the swallow back,To grow in the name of nk bus again meet with lovely children babies nk S6 series of the third generation of the distance and future school bus together with you to the children’s exclusive iron man body using close loop frame structure design professional diamond closed-loop guarantee body strength is like the children’s exclusive iron man high strength steel + double integral structure design of multiple protection safety Double inner peace.Special reliable chassis for the dream of a high quality school bus special chassis high strength, good anti-collision performance engine front design,S6 series school bus designed for urban and rural narrow roads tailored B can drive the body through the high dexterity and convenientEnjoy comfortable new flashing warning light + stop signal arm + no blind area rearview mirror for students to provide more intimate protection warm space warm guard sunny flower closed, push-pull side window to provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience special seat hand in hand careSchool guard more warm matching car emergency ambulance carefully care for the health of children all the way to sing all the way may all the flowers live up to wait for every day is full of hope school season, happy season sail sail ankai S6 school bus with you to pursue dreams ~ source: Ankai passenger car