Nanshan holdings limit war, 2 hot money together seal board, one of the crazy buy 170,000 hands!

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1. Nanshan Holdings, which hypes the direction of real estate +REITs, is a high-quality developer in Suzhou and a well-known logistics park developer and operator in China, with the park scale ranking among the top in China.Holding subsidiary Baowan Logistics high-end warehousing — Yuncang business is committed to providing solutions and optimization of e-commerce supply chain solutions, belongs to logistics real estate, or benefit from REITs.On the news, many places to adjust the down payment ratio, lower mortgage rates;The Ministry of Finance said it does not have the conditions to expand the pilot real estate tax reform in cities this year.2. On June 6, dragon and Tiger list data showed that in the first three trading days, Guotai Junan Shanghai Branch, the seat of ge Weidong, the top hot money, had bought 57.77 million.On Thursday, July 7, 40,000 lots were sold at an average price of 5.8, totaling 23.2 million.(First reduced one third position) On Friday, August 8th, we sold two lots, a total of 67,000 lots, with an average price of 596, a total of 39.96 million.The opening chose to retreat, sold 60 thousand hands.The second move, to 5.50 price sold 7000 hands, nanshan Holdings hit below 5%!Second, Wuxi Finance First Street, on Thursday to the daily limit of 50, 000 lots, an average price of 5.80, a total of 29 million.Today, batch withdrawal, 54,600 lots sold, average price of 5.74, total 31.37 million.The last time to clear out of the market, is to 5.44 price sold 10 thousand hands, the Nanshan Holdings under water 7% near.3. Ningbo Jiefang South Road, the seat of the top expendable capital team, bought 103,300 lots, with an average price of 6.17, totaling 63.8 million.The first sale, 9:32, at 5.52 price to accept 5423 hands.(Entrance protection plate) the second time, 9:51, to 5.97 price to buy 8000 hands, nanshan Holdings pulled up from the water, forced protection plate.Afternoon opening, the kamikaze began intensive selling, 13:01, to 6.10 to buy 10,000 hands, nanshan Holdings pulled up to more than 5%.After a minor adjustment, at 13:06, the Kamikaze continued to strike, throwing in 30,000 hands and lifting the stock to near 7%.Behind continue to pull up, 13:12, to 6.30 price to buy 10 thousand hands, the Nanshan holding dry to 9% near!The last move, 13:33 points, directly to the daily limit to buy 19,800 hands, together seal plate!Knock it off!(The heavy task of pulling up has been completed, sealing plate, protection plate is left to follow the wind of the capital) who is the core of the sealing plate?Yes, it is Bang Yi Big brother, deep path!176,500 lots were bought for a total of $112 million.In 13:33 minutes, directly to the limit to buy 119,900 hands, forced second board!After trading, still filled 50 thousand hand seal sheet, very powerful.Who is smashing the market, China International Capital Shanghai branch, quantitative fund seat, the whole day sold 80,900 hands, a total of 50.86 million.13:33 points, the daily limit sold 20,000 hands, 13:34 points, continue to sell 20,000 hands.The third largest buyer, First-tier hot money Xihu International Trade, sold three times and bought 74,400 lots with an average price of 6.03, totaling 44.9 million yuan.At the opening, they pulled up to buy 55,500 lots at 6.15.The fourth largest buyer, Rongchao Business Center, the seat of xu Liusheng, the top hot money, sold 4 times, buying 49,500 lots, a total of 29.84 million yuan.4. Nanshan Holdings, with a market value of 8.5 billion yuan, closed a deal of 2.175 billion yuan on Friday, with a turnover rate of 27.48%. The top five dragon-tiger buyers bought 276 million yuan in total, accounting for 12.69%.Among them, Yuanshen Road bought 112 million yuan, Jiefang South Road 63.8 million yuan, West Lake International Trade 44.9 million yuan, Rongchao Business Center 29.84 million yuan and Gulou South Road 25.65 million yuan.Nanshan Holdings is currently the only one of the four board stocks, compared to a word board limit up China Wuyi, the unit is all the way to change hands, Friday left a long long legs, complete weak to strong.