Linxia people, your childhood memories of ice and snow are here

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The holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only inspired the enthusiasm of the whole people to participate in ice and snow sports, but also let “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports” from the vision to reality, which makes many people recall the scene of playing snow skating when they were youngWanton rolling in the white snow ~ fun in the snow of childhood always make people frequently look back in this season of national participation in ice and snow sports let us go back to the past to see the joy of childhood winter!How did the generation born in the 1970s and 1980s spend winter as children?Snow village exceptionally quiet all night in a short time in the morning in their frolicking lively up at home at this time of the dustpan, shovels, and even a bench, a ski tools handy children will make your own “caused” slip up fast and steady provoked everybody envy when a steep slope, frozen water became a natural skating rink images from network snowball fights also points”Gangs “you come to me to snowball voices echoed off one by one in the wilderness as the smoke from the snowy to distant wave images derived from network of roadway and the field is unique to their winter entertainment sites they use their” unique “in that no skiing, skating rink s spent fun childhood after 90, 00 of ice and snow sports as the standard of livingImproved after 90, 00 winter recreation than the 70, 80, after more fashionable variety skiing, skating rink ice facilities of various professional experience gives them another ice snow circle is common type of ice and snow of winter snow and ice casinos amusement equipment, its use is widespread, can be used for high skiing, the ground line, use comfortable, safe,Deeply loved by consumers.Snow around is the combination of snow circle skiing and carousel, and then evolved into a kind of amusement equipment used in snow. Snow around can be timed and adjustable, which is a popular snow and ice amusement equipment in winter ice and snow park.Snow rollers is one of the common in the winter snow park amusement equipment, snow and ice on the game excitant strong, high security features, has a high popularity among young people, the game way for tourists to drill into the drum, and then hit each other with roller surface, its ability to adapt is stronger, all can use in the snow, ice, amusement atmosphere full of.Snow banana boat can travel through the snow, the hull is safe, most children love.They are called banana boats because the hull itself resembles a banana, hence the name.It’s an inflatable boat shaped like a banana.Snowfield kart is a super cool fun project, visitors can use their superb skills in the bending track competition each other, loved by many young people.Snowmobile has excellent performance. In the early stage, it was a transportation tool for managers of large ice and snow amusement places. Later, because of its high playability and strong stimulation, it gradually evolved into a kind of ice and snow amusement equipment for tourists.Snow tank is a new type of amusement equipment driven by motor. Its appearance is named because it resembles a real tank. You can feel the prestige of driving a tank in the snow, which is deeply loved by tourists.Sleigh carries the memory of childhood, is a fun project for all ages, it has many different styles, high fun, very suitable for parents, couples, friends to participate together.The ice bike evolved from the traditional bike, which made the bike no longer a common means of transportation, but increased its game and fun, and developed into a kind of ice and snow amusement equipment. Because of its certain sports fitness function, it is deeply loved by the majority of sports enthusiasts.In the past, ice and snow games were mostly for their own amusement and hand-made ski tools have increased the entertainment of ice and snow now,Snow and ice project began growing in the busy life to professional ski field also can yet be regarded as a kind of happiness in 70, after 80 or 90, 00 every generation has specific to each generation of ice and snow that all memory to the memory in linxia people love of ice and snow the love of a happy life happiness is in your heart forever won’t turn back time more to this year’s Beijing OlympicsSnow and ice sports to a climax in today’s material life gradually rich linxia people’s love for snow and ice has been continued……Reporter: Fan Wenyan pu Xingshan Editor: Zhang Xudong Fan Wenyan Pu Xingshan Review: Zhu Lin Liao Weiyi Pu Jingjing Sha Teng