Jinan, Shandong: 13,559 doses of Novel coronavirus vaccine were administered from 31 January to 24:00 February 6

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According to the Health Commission of Jinan on February 7, a total of 13,559 novel coronavirus vaccines have been administered to the Health Commission of Jinan from January 31 to 24:00 of February 6.In terms of COVID-19 vaccination, the Jinan Municipal Health Commission has made every effort to guide the elderly, students, returnees and other groups to complete full vaccination and strengthen immunization during the holidays.From January 31 to February 1, 28 vaccination units opened clinics daily, and from February 2 to February 6, more than 30% of the vaccination units opened clinics daily, about 100. The detailed information of vaccination units had been released to the public before the Spring Festival.The municipal and district centers for Disease control and Prevention have opened 24-hour vaccination service phones during the Spring Festival.A total of 13,559 doses of novel coronavirus vaccine were administered from 31 January to 24:00 February 6.In the management of fever clinics and sentinel offices, There are 44 fever clinics and 143 sentinel offices in Jinan.The fever clinic will be open normally. All patients in the fever clinic will be kept under closed-loop management, and the test results will be reported back within 4-6 hours. They are not allowed to leave until the results are reported back.If a patient with fever is found in a medical institution without fever clinic, the patient shall be immediately referred to the nearest medical institution with fever clinic.In terms of “due inspection”, Jinan Municipal Health Commission issued the notice on “Due Inspection” for key Groups during the Spring Festival, which made arrangements for “due inspection” during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, adhere to the daily analysis, daily scheduling system, system administrators at all levels and departments on duty, implement all kinds of key groups, especially the detection of new classified personnel.In the fourth cycle of January, the detection rate of key population in Jinan was 100%.In grass-roots prevention and control work, Jinan Municipal Health Commission resolutely implemented the prevention and control strategy of “based on existing, moving forward the pass and multiple barriers”, and organized special training for epidemic prevention and control in grass-roots medical and health institutions before the holiday.To fulfill the responsibilities of central management stations and hospitals in charge of clinics, and guide village clinics and community health service stations to implement the “Ten Tips for Village Clinic Staff receiving Treatment” and “Ten Tips for Residents visiting Village Clinics” for regular epidemic prevention and control.Grass-roots medical and health institutions were deployed on a rotating basis to participate in on-duty preparations for epidemic prevention and control and relocation teams during the Spring Festival, and to promote epidemic prevention and control knowledge to ensure the daily medical needs of residents in the areas under their control.During the holiday, six municipal and 98 district and county supervision groups conducted continuous supervision over grassroots prevention and control, and made up for weaknesses in a timely manner.