CBA round 28 preview!Liaoning team, Guangzhou team abuse food, CCTV live Beijing team challenge Shenzhen team

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On January 27, Beijing time, the 28th round of the CBA regular season kicked off. This is the last round of the second phase of the game. Four games are arranged throughout the day, and the finale will be the dialogue between Shenzhen and Beijing.The other three games will be one-sided, with Liaoning and Guangzhou facing the bottom teams and Qingdao unable to threaten Zhejiang.3 PM two games, one is Tongxi vs. Liaoning team, one is Qingdao vs. Zhejiang team Liaoning team has locked the playoffs, Tongxi tied the CBA record of consecutive losses, this game, if team Liaoning did not send love, Tongxi will have the record.Even – continue to dwell, the strength of the team are still on meeting the sunrise, itself – squad depth is thick enough,,,, moran’s double foreign aid played are more relaxed, frontline player rotation, also Wu Changze, cluster the players playing with the sunrise tomorrow morning team is more than enough, liaoning with winning streak end of the second stage is inevitable.Zhejiang team wants to defend the top four position, this game needs to win, Guangdong team is on the rebound, they only one win less than Zhejiang team.Zhejiang team’s ranking is more and more unstable, in the face of the strength is not strong Qingdao team, Zhejiang team needs to go all out, in order to smoothly accept the victory.Qingdao suffered 4 straight losses, dakari Johnson did not last season’s super play, Qingdao is further away from the playoffs, now only a theoretical possibility.Against guangzhou ningbo team, at 19:35, ningbo team still only two games so far, this round against guangzhou team strength is still very wide, the guangzhou team under the leadership of the Guo Shiqiang is very stable, play opponents had no weakness, no play weak teams, this is the guangzhou team currently rank 8 of the premier league.Although Mason suffered injury, leaf is playing better and better, and Guangzhou team is very tacit understanding, play very hard, technology is also comprehensive, Guangzhou team this foreign aid to choose the right, win this victory, solid top eight, Guo Shiqiang in the second phase of the successful completion of the task.8 PM, Shenzhen vs Beijing, CCTV5 sports channel live the second game of the season, the two teams have some changes on the lineup, especially Beijing, has three foreign aid, Shenzhen also has a double foreign aid.This game, is a evenly matched dialogue, in addition to the foreign aid of the matchup, the most interesting or inside, Li Muhao again to the old club, how will there be play?Shen Zijie grew up as the core of shenzhen team inside, this season is more responsible, the challenge of Beijing team proud of the twin towers inside, must be very good.