Beilin Forest Federation of Trade Unions: Three measures to help enterprises resume work and production

2022-05-19 0 By

Beilinrong Media News (reporter Hou Xiaolan) Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the District Federation of Trade Unions acted quickly to promote stable employment by building a platform, strengthen mental health services for employees, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, helping enterprises to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and resume work and production, and helping enterprises and employees to solve practical problems.Build a platform to stabilize employment.Labor unions at all levels in the region have been organized to carry out surveys and surveys of key enterprises and industries under their jurisdiction in order to understand the actual labor difficulties and demands of enterprises in response to the difficulties and shortages in the production and operation of enterprises affected by the epidemic.In conjunction with the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other departments, the spring breeze action of “Spring Breeze sending jobs to Warm the heart for Employment” and public welfare activities of “Help You Find a Job” were carried out in flexible and diverse ways to build an employment service platform with deep integration of online and offline services to help enterprises under the district resume work and production.Strengthen mental health services for workers.It paid close attention to the situation of workers who had returned to work, organized trade unions at all levels in the district to carry out special investigations and surveys, went to the front lines of enterprises to learn about the labor protection situation of workers, cooperated with relevant departments to supervise and inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in enterprises, carried out publicity on epidemic prevention and popularization, and educated and guided workers to improve their awareness of protection and do a good job of self-protection.We actively carried out condolence activities to enterprises that had resumed work and production, and sent masks, disinfectants and other necessary epidemic prevention supplies to employees who had returned to work.We will effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees.For because of the outbreak caused by the worker pay pay, benefits, rest and vacation, labor dispute, give full play to the trade union and enterprise trade union function, guide them to negotiate on behalf of the staff and enterprise flexible way, further clear the worker rational expression appeal channels, strive to put the labor relations contradiction hidden trouble to resolve in the bud.At the same time, guide workers and enterprises in the same boat, care about the survival and development of enterprises, to form a good atmosphere for enterprises to care for workers, workers care for enterprises.Beilin epidemic news line service phone 87606857 87606856 89625572 89625573 submissions email | 843474081 if there is any infringement please contact deleted row version | music editor sichuan | Liu Chen yoko main | Chen hao