Look at the sky to eat, look at the ground to walk!Why are there no world records in Alpine skiing?

2022-05-18 0 By

While Olympic records have been broken frequently at various venues in Beijing, especially the “Ice Ribbon” National Speed Skating Center, no world or Olympic records have been broken in the past few days at the “Snow Flying Yan” National Alpine Skiing Center in Yanqing, or even on the individual transcripts.What’s going on here?In fact, there is no same alpine skiing venue in the world, and it is greatly affected by the weather, geography and other natural conditions. Unlike speed skating, there is a unified standard venue for alpine skiing, which depends not only on the weather, but also on the ground.Therefore, it is unfair to set world and Olympic records for alpine skiing.Therefore, it can only be case-by-case analysis.Of course, every alpine skiing event at every Winter Olympics is the real thing, but longitudinal comparisons are not comparable.Source: Beijing Daily client