Why in 150 thousand yuan family SUV, I recommend jietu X90 son dragon?

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The fast pace of modern city life, let us bear heavy pressure, pressure people breathless.We seize our spare time to read, photograph and travel just to escape from the prison of life and fight against the busyness of life.We embrace the desire for nature, the love of exploration, only in the busy life gap, feel the comfort of nature.From then on, I packed my bags and drove my car with my loved ones to enjoy real freedom.I am also a member of this kind of people, driving a car in nature, is a very happy thing.To have that kind of happiness, you need a car in the first place.Before, WHEN I was buying a car, after repeated parameter comparison and functional experience, I finally bought a new car that came on the market soon: Jetto X90 Dragon.Taking advantage of this opportunity today, I will share with you, why in the 150 thousand yuan family SUV, I recommend jietu X90 son dragon?The appearance level is high, the interior and exterior design is surprising began to notice the Jetway X90 son dragon, a large part of the reason is to be attracted by its appearance.In the cookie-cutter design of many SUV products, jietu X90 dragon “emblem city leader” national style design suddenly caught my eye.Its large octagonal grille and chrome plated decorative strip, elegant and delicate, star matrix LED combination headlights and dot matrix day lights echo each other, combined with a string of lanterns in the “Emblem City”, a symbol of rising.The 20-inch multi-spoke wheel rim is composed and exquisite, with a high sense of class.In addition, the high brake light on the rear of the car is lit with the word “JETOUR”. This small detail design can reflect the designer’s efforts and is very pleasing.Jieway X90 child dragon’s interior is no matter the sense of science and technology or the sense of design to show the level of comparable luxury brands.The 12.3-inch dual-screen is beautiful and functional at the same time with high resolution. The overall interior design is layered without being too fancy, and features are very convenient.At the price range of 150,000 yuan, it is hard to imagine buying such a high quality car.In terms of body size, Jetto X90 Has a body size of 4858mm long, 1925mm wide, 1780mm high and a wheelbase of 2850mm.The interior space is excellent, especially the 2850mm wheelbase, which is even the same as the new Highlander.When you’re out with your family, you can still get enough legroom and shoulder room, even when you’re fully loaded. Especially in the back seat, even three adults can sit in a comfortable ride environment without feeling depressed.And when you want to have a rest, you can put the second and third rows of seats down and change into 2.21m bed room in seconds, which is very flexible and convenient.In addition, Jieway X90 zilong also intimate for many families to prepare 6 and 7 seats of the version, users can choose according to their own needs large space, more selective, flexible, these are jieway X90 zilong really consider for users.Kunpeng Power 2.0T Powerful performance Jetu X90 Dragon is equipped with a kunpeng Power 2.0T engine.The parameters of this engine can be described as “burst”.It delivers 187kW of maximum power and 390N•m of peak torque, the most direct example of which is that the Jetto X90 Zillon can accelerate to 100km in under eight seconds.Data alone may confuse you.To know, jetway X90 dragon engine parameters even compared with BBA 2.0T engine is not less, and the price is much more affordable.It can be said that we can enjoy much more dynamic parameters than BBA models with a price of about 150,000 yuan.Moreover, Jetway X90 dragon has a strong power at the same time, but also a good consideration for the economy of family cars.The engine adopts a special structural design, using the i-HEC ii generation intelligent combustion system, Miller cycle, full dimensional integrated ultra-low friction reduction technology, super transient response power system and many other world leading technologies.The I-HEC ⅱ intelligent combustion system, for example, improves the roll flow of air into the cylinder, so that it is fully mixed with the fuel, and can “squeeze” the power contained in every drop of oil without waste.Such a large car, 100 kilometers only 8.1L of fuel consumption, and only need to add 92 gasoline, really can be described as “eat grass milk” model.Another thing that attracts me about Jetway X90 dragon is that its cabin is intelligent and healthy.In fact, before buying Jetway X90 dragon, I also tried many other models of the car, summed up in a word is: the have, is not good to use, but jetway X90 dragon completely without this kind of trouble.In terms of vehicle hardware, Tesla, NIO and Ideo seem to be at the forefront of this automotive technology, but the computing power of their main vehicle chip can only reach 45,000 DMIPS.And express way X90 son dragon, carrying qualcomm high performance chip, the car machine chip with 11 nm process, 8 nuclear structure, calculate the force as high as 50000 DMIPS, let the car machine reaction is always “a second”, make rapid way X90 son dragon car machine system not only can open multiple APP at the same time, and with the challenge of constantly updated software upgrades, also still can function properly.It is because of this chip, jietu X90 son dragon car machine can carry rich functions.For example, Tencent ecosystem, which includes vehicular wechat, QQ Music, Tencent Map, Ximalaya and many other rich functions, will bring the operation of smart phone into the car, will not change the user’s inherent habits, very convenient.At the same time, for the consideration of the driver’s driving safety, Jietu X90 dragon carried on the vehicle wechat has a very intimate Settings, many of its operations can be controlled by voice.For example, when a friend sends you a message on wechat, whether it’s text or voice, the system will ask you whether you need to broadcast, and you can directly reply to your friend with voice, which will not affect driving safety.When receiving the location information from friends, the vehicle wechat will directly broadcast the location address, and ask whether to initiate navigation, very convenient and practical.In addition to intelligence, jietu X90 son dragon also pays great attention to the health problems when we use the car.It selects 118 kinds of environment-friendly materials with extremely high standards, covering key parts such as seats, steering wheel, door guard, instrument panel, sub-instrument panel, ceiling and carpet.Take glue for example, Jieway X90 ziolong in the interior of the use of aldehyde free water-soluble glue, compared with ordinary car interior commonly used neoprene glue, this glue is not to formaldehyde and will decompose formaldehyde substances as direct raw materials, green and healthy, let us use the car process is very at ease.In addition, Jetway X90 also uses the COMBINED configuration of CN95 level safe air filter +PM2.5 intelligent air purification + anion healthy fresh air system in the air conditioning system to keep the air in the car fresh.Like CN95 safety air filter element can more effectively block smoke, haze and dust and other pollutants, and negative ions can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, the air suspended pollutants, soot, bacteria, microorganisms and other adsorption.That is to say, in the jetway X90 dragon cabin, you can always breathe healthy and fresh air, care for our health.Overall, express way X90 dragon son catch my points are many, but the main thing is that, in 150000 the family car market segment, its high level of appearance, large space, strong power, and high intelligence and health is the most can let a person feel not a mediocrity, the price of 150000, can have such a power full and complete performance of car,It’s a very satisfying thing.