Become a master of affairs 13 | workplace affairs “three sets” (6)

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We work in the workplace, it is very important to understand the intention of the leader, but also can not “excessive” figure out.This is because the leader is affected by the situation, demand, position, mood and other uncertain factors, its mind is full of variables, if you have been using their own fixed routine to figure out the leader’s mind is full of variables, not only there will be a difference, but also by its harm, over a long time, unknowingly lost in the self.On the premise of holding such a bottom line well, for the sake of work, when it is not convenient to confirm directly, we should “appropriately” figure out the intention of the leader, and do the things at hand well, which is also the attitude of a workplace person.To understand the intention of a leader, you can start from the constant factors such as position, interest connection, past experience and personality characteristics, and then take into consideration some variables such as environment, scene and mood, so as to make your own judgment.However, there are only three things that can be used to satisfy the leader.The first trick, understand the idea of the leader, for him to achieve reality.Leaders have many ideas and want to realize them. Most of these ideas are revealed when they are assigned tasks. If subordinates can carefully review and turn leaders’ ideas into reality, all leaders will like them, because they still expect you to help them realize their ideas more.Take my case as an example, the main leader and the leader in charge have their own ideas, and both want to reflect them in this research material. Although the opinions of the two leaders seem to be contradictory, after careful deliberation, they can still find a joint point from their real intentions, and finally achieve a win-win situation.The second recruit, the leadership did not think of, think of for him to do.When leaders assign tasks, they often grasp them from the direction of the overall situation. It is inevitable that they will miss everything and fail to consider fully in some links or details. At this time, we should grasp the intention from the perspective of leaders and do things well.For example, I early in the unit is responsible for organizing the personnel work, leadership is often assigned by some policy more personnel arrangement, this time, I have to be on the premise of fully comprehend the leadership intention, do some adjust according to policy requirements, consider the ways that the leader did not think of, make every effort to get things done perfectly, already let leadership satisfaction, also won’t leave sequela.The third recruit, the leader thought but can’t say can’t do, say for him to do.When a leader says something or does something, it is not convenient for him to say it or do it himself due to conditions and environmental constraints. At this time, subordinates have to say it for him, do it for him, and sometimes they even have to take the blame for the leader.We know that in the workplace, there is a lot of wiggle room. If everything is done by the leader and the villain is done by the leader, there is no turning back and it is very difficult to adjust.On the other hand, if it’s done by a subordinate, even if it’s done wrong, or said the wrong thing, the leader can come in and fix the situation.So, sometimes a task assigned by leadership, although the task is not very clear instructions, maybe just some hints, but you have to do, this time you need to ponder the meaning of leadership, if leaders in the situation of the time not convenient or inconvenient to do for myself, so you have to speak on behalf of the leadership or do it, if do wrong,You might have to take the fall for it.Of course, not all “pot” you have to have no principle to carry, those who touch the workplace red line, bottom line and high-tension line of the “pot”, you can not be hot-headed chaos “back”, otherwise the final loss or your own.Shi Hongxing in the TV drama “Break out” has no bottom line for the corruption of Linman River on the back of a lot of “pot”, in the end paid the price of life, the lesson is thought-provoking.This article is part of a series of articles on how to become a Master at Getting Things Done.