Average 26+5+6, the team record is second in the league!Will Curry make first team this season?

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In the early part of the season, his performance was very excellent. He not only scored high points in a row, but also led his team to rank among the top two in the league. He ranked first in the MVP voting of the regular season, and his performance was very excellent.When it comes to the best player to start the season, many fans will mention Curry.However, as the season progressed, Curry’s shooting efficiency declined significantly, and his efficiency in the game was not ideal.So far this season, Curry is averaging 26+5+6 overall, but he’s averaging 3.2 turnovers per game and an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2, which is 117th in the league, and he hasn’t done a great job controlling turnovers.In terms of shooting efficiency, Curry is shooting at a career low.Curry is shooting 42.7 percent overall, the second-lowest percentage of his career, behind 40.2 percent in the 19-20 season, when he played only five games due to injuries.Curry has also struggled from 3-point range, averaging 4.6 3s per game on 12.3 attempts from beyond the arc and shooting 37.9 percent from 3-point range, only the second time in his career that he has shot below 40 percent in a season.If you take out the 19-20 season, which only lasted 5 games, and the fact that Curry is making career lows in both overall and three-point field goal percentage, it’s fair to say that Curry is not doing a great job shooting this season, and his efficiency is not outstanding relative to his career.In the early days of the season, Curry was a clear contender for the MVP award, but now he’s far from it.With jokic, Embiid and Giannis antetokounmpo putting up a string of stellar performances, they’re already better than Curry in terms of personal stats, shooting efficiency, advanced stats and dominance, and this season’s MVP is likely to be among them.The question is, does Curry have a shot at making the All-NBA first Team this season?Individually, Curry is pretty good, averaging 26+5+6 across the board as a point guard, but he’s pretty good in other ways besides being ineffective.In terms of leading, Curry led the Warriors to the no. 2 seed in the league this season, trailing only the SUNS in record, and leading most players in the league.For now, Curry’s biggest competition is Morante, a young point guard who has had a great season both in terms of individual numbers and team leadership.Morante is averaging 26.8 points, 5.8 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game so far this season, better than Curry in terms of individual numbers.And the Grizzlies are in third place in the Western Conference, just 1.5 games behind the Warriors.In my opinion, Morant is the main contender for Curry’s all-Nba first Team selection this season. As it stands, Curry’s all-Nba first team selection is not guaranteed, and Morant is expected to replace Curry.Personally, he needs to get in shape quickly after the All-Star break. He needs to find his early form, and if he can improve his shooting efficiency and lead the team to a top two position in the NBA, steph will probably make the all-Nba first Team this season.But if Curry is as productive at the end of the season as he is now, and the team is beaten by the Grizzlies, there’s a good chance curry won’t make the All-Nba first team this season, and Morant will be a chance to make his career debut.