At last, omic Joneser?Two pieces of good news in one day reassured 1.4 billion Chinese

2022-05-17 0 By

According to reports, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently came a piece of good news, has successfully developed the world’s first “antiviral 3D printing material” can be hostile to the Omicron virus strain, does this mean that the Omicron virus strain has a Nemesis?In addition, Academician Zhang Boli also said at the press conference recently that Chinese traditional medicine treatment still plays a very important role in dealing with the Omicron strain. Two pieces of good news came to China within one day, reassuring 1.4 billion people.Recently, the international epidemic situation is grim. Some countries are Mired in the quagmire of the epidemic and some are “on their last legs”. Looking at the development of the international epidemic situation, China’s situation is relatively optimistic and under control.In addition to the pressure on the epidemic prevention and control departments, scientific research teams are also continuing their work.The good news is that the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (POLYU) has recently successfully developed the world’s first “anti-virus 3D printing material”, which can kill most common bacteria, viruses and the novel Coronavirus on the surface. It seems that Omicron has met his nemer.A large number of studies and tests have shown that the novel coronavirus and all bacteria and viruses living on surfaces can be eliminated in just 20 minutes.In 2021, the scientific research team has made the material into elevator buttons, recycling box handles, etc., its practicality, durability and other functional results make the scientific research team pleased.The research team said: because the working principle of the material is a physical principle, so there are excellent effects on any mutant strains, and because the material production cost is low, short time, so can be widely used in medical treatment, public transportation, schools and other places, I believe that the future prevention and control work will play a great role.Chinese medicine treatment of the hostile Omicron strain recently, Academician Zhang Boli said at the conference:Chinese medicine is still in its dealings with the dense gram si strain can play a bigger role, in a fever, cough, such symptoms have improved effect, and the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, can make the turn time faster, less chance after Yang, turn rate becomes lower, the subsequent we need to continue to look forward to Chinese medicine treatment of a significant effect in the process of epidemic prevention and control.Clearly, China’s epidemic prevention and control department made no small contribution for people’s life safety, China will continue to work to “dynamic reset” strategy, before the outbreak of overall situation is not stable, all parts of the world need to observe the strict epidemic prevention and control measures, regional authorities need to according to make accurate judgment, prevention and control of epidemic situation around the Spring Festival will come,How should China spend the Spring Festival this year?How to spend Spring Festival this year?The situation in some parts of China is slightly more serious due to the impact of the epidemic. People in these areas should strictly comply with the local prevention and control requirements, and minimize the risk of going out to avoid the threat of infection.People in low-risk areas that have not yet been sealed off should have a safe year on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and effectively protecting their personal safety.All things well, conditional families can ensure their own safety under the premise of home for the Spring Festival.Until the epidemic situation is completely stabilized, all parts of the country do not have to apply the same policy.Under the situation of comprehensive awareness of prevention and control, people in low-risk areas can effectively travel during the Spring Festival, and there is no need for a complete lockdown in low-risk areas.Finally, I hope that all people can keep in mind the prevention and control strategies and measures, otherwise it will become the situation of western countries.Here I wish everyone a happy Spring Festival!