Zhongyang County Public Security Bureau to carry out solid high-risk areas to zhongyang personnel investigation work

2022-05-16 0 By

For epidemic prevention and control work effectively, resolutely put an end to the new spread in ZhongYang outbreak, to protect people’s life safety and body health, about to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control of the party committees and governments in accordance with the relevant deployment requirements, zhongyang county public security bureau of rapid response, rapid expansion of the county hotels epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the situation of the special inspection work,The hotel industry has been urged to strictly implement all epidemic prevention and control measures, especially to check whether travelers to Zhongyang come from high-risk areas.For days, zhongyang county public security bureau police brigade, the basic-level police substation uninterrupted to the hotels of the county “produced” screening examination, mainly on check-in staff real-name registration, temperature detection, inspection, the two code. Vaccination record, daily disinfection, and so on and so forth and special industry control system using the upload of the inspectors to check,Require all stay in the hotel staff must be “two yards will sweep, stay will spread, abnormal shall be reported to the”, from high-risk areas in the first time to the public security organs and county WeiJian department, and quickly start the corresponding contingency plans, at the same time all hotels hotels, entertainment and so on strict internal xiaosha protection work, in and out of the staff must wear masks,Check health code and trip code daily.As of February 25, more than 60 police officers and 23 vehicles of police cars were dispatched to post more than 200 copies of emergency notices from zhongyang County COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group Office, Notice on Cracking down on Illegal and Criminal Acts hindering epidemic Prevention and control in accordance with the Law, and “20 No’s” for Epidemic Prevention and control in public areas.34 hotels and hostels throughout the county were checked several times, and 7 hidden dangers were found for rectification, and 1 was closed for rectification.During the inspection, a total of 5 passengers from Jiangsu province and 1 passenger from Inner Mongolia were found. The health codes and travel codes of the 6 passengers were normal, and there was no travel history in high-risk areas.Subsequently, the police promptly reported the zhongyang County epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and worked with the health department to strictly implement the control measures.Through the special inspection, the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control in the hotel industry was further clarified, the awareness of epidemic prevention and control in the hotel industry was enhanced, the loophole of epidemic prevention and control in the hotel industry was effectively blocked, and the basic work of epidemic prevention and control was consolidated.In the next step, the Public Security Bureau of Zhongyang County will continue to carry out special inspections to strengthen the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.Source: Zhongyang Public Security bureau