What is the meta-universe?It has begun to invade our lives

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In this year’s Spring Festival Gala, shen Teng, in the skit “Not Yet”, said, “I am jumping dogs in the meta-universe”, which made the meta-universe a hot topic.Many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of the metasomes, wondering what it is, what it does, and why it is so popular.Here’s a look at that topic., yuan universe why network produces, to get to the Internet, you need to register account, we need to register to represent themselves on the network IP, such as QQ number, WeChat ID, all kinds of network account and so on, through these accounts, we can browse the web, and friends to chat, play games, participate in the BBS discussions, this kind of point to point network communication,We call this a one-dimensional world.With the development of the Internet, video call technology emerged, even if not in a place, through the network transmission, you can also realize the same as face-to-face audio and video communication, see the whole picture of another person.This panorama is, more accurately, a dynamic two-dimensional picture, which we call the two-dimensional world.The generation of network virtual image is different from the single mode of point-to-point communication in the past, accompanied by enough space scenes, so that everyone has their own network image, rather than the rigid account in the one-dimensional world, which is more clear and real.This image, can freely walk in the virtual space, this is the meta-universe, it is a three-dimensional world, is also a thinking world, is a higher form of network development.Second, there is a virtual space parallel to the real world. There is a science fiction film named Ready Player One. Those who have watched it must know that the future world outlined in it is defined in 2045.Everyone can achieve their dreams that they cannot achieve in the real world.To enter the country, you need to wear a prop, a VR device, so that you can wander in the oasis world.Here, both the bustling metropolis, there are different styles of players, but also can see only in the film and television games can see the image, they gather here, communication, life.No matter what kind of loser or lonely person you are in the real world, as long as you enter the oasis, you can change your image, you can become an admirable hero, and you can achieve dreams that can’t be realized in real life.In fact, it was not Ready Player One that first proposed the concept of the meta-universe. Back in 1992, Neil Stephenson, a famous American science fiction master, wrote a novel called Avalanche, which described the concept of the meta-universe creatively:”You put on your headphones and eyepiece, find the connection terminal, and enter a computer-simulated virtual space parallel to the real world in the form of a virtual doper.”This is a network world so tempting to imagine!If the future meta-universe can be popularized, it will be closely related to our lives.If your relatives, colleagues and friends enter the life of the meta-universe through the image of virtual people, you can wear VR glasses and meet them in the virtual world, just like in the real world, say hello and chat.In the future, life, work, play, and socializing will all take place in the metasverse.Individual entrepreneurs may no longer need to rent luxurious office buildings, just need to spend a little money in the metauniverse, rent space, you can carry out business.May be the future of commercial office buildings, will be affected.You don’t need to go to the site to attend the meeting. You only need to wear VR glasses to enter the company’s space conference room in the meta-universe.Here, everyone can speak freely, share their opinions, communicate with colleagues, solve problems, participate in decision-making and deployment, which can save a lot of commuting time, as well as the cost of meeting room property or rent.Metauniverse is also the paradise of entertainment carnival, here, you can participate in the hot ten thousand people dance, you can participate in the real life prohibited fireworks show and so on all kinds of entertainment activities.Here, through the multi-dimensional perspective, can bring you a more shocking visual experience, is a safe and low-carbon lifestyle.You can also enjoy shopping in the metaverse.Offline shopping malls and e-commerce businesses will also operate there. You can go shopping freely and choose all kinds of desired goods as your virtual human image. Then you can pay and leave your real address, and then you can wait for the deliveryman to deliver the goods to your door.Fourth, the meta-universe will clone the development of the existing three-dimensional world, so that the meta-universe presents a three-dimensional space scene, and then there will be the birth of the four-dimensional world.The four-dimensional world is the world of consciousness and the space of thinking. Although there is no gravity and no matter here, you can see everything in the meta-universe. The existence of the meta-universe is the existence of the four-dimensional world.The meta-universe will move all kinds of facilities and places in real life into virtual space.If you are in Zhengzhou and want to visit Macao, you do not need to take a plane, high-speed rail, just need to point the coordinate in the meta-universe, immediately you can reach the bustling Macao.Similarly, all kinds of scenic spots, amusement places, can also enter the meta-universe, you search the coordinates, the point can arrive, you can play, you can enjoy joy and happiness.This year, the Spring Festival Gala of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Youth and the Spring Festival Carnival of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youth took the meta-universe as the core concept, creatively broke the traditional shooting technique of the stage, and recorded the whole process using the way of virtual scene +AR to build a virtual Spring Festival Gala stage.Actors only need to perform in front of the green screen, and then enter the stage of virtual space through the way of image cutting in the late stage, showing different styles of stage beauty effects.This is the reality of the performance of the initial exploration of the meta-universe, I believe there will be a better way in the future, to bring people more surprises.One day, when the metasomes clone the real world, parties may take on a new form, and you can’t be afraid to imagine what that might look like.Five, yuan the universe how to determine the uniqueness of each identity through the introduction of the above, we get a general idea of the meta how the universe is a kind of form, now there is a problem, how to define the identity and uniqueness of every person there, how everybody’s asset management, if someone wants to use your identity, will succeed?The technical theory of the meta-universe, which is based on blockchain, requires NFT.NFT (Non-fungible Token) defines a unique interface specification for the exchange and circulation of tokens that are inseparable from the ecosystem, and uses smart contracts to record books.NFT has the characteristics of non-homogeneity and non-separability, which can be used to anchor various commodities in the real world, tokenize various valuable things, trace back to the ownership of the information, and then realize the integration of information and value.Based on this, it can define everyone’s identity like an id card.You need NFT to prove your identity if you want to navigate the world of the meta-universe without fear of being taken for a ride.NFT technology can solve vexing copyright problems.For example, if your painting is valuable and sold to someone else, to prevent copying, you need to prove that the buyer is the sole owner, which would require NFT.NFT can make your painting into a painting adapted to the digital form of the network, with the unique code of the block chain, stored in the block chain, unique, can be traded, transfer, gift.Like Bitcoin, it’s just a bug code in its own blockchain wallet.Now, some popular small video platforms have begun to broadcast virtual people live.This is mainly aimed at those who do not want to show their faces, or those with poor image. They can create a satisfied character image to represent themselves through modeling face pinching technology, and capture the actions of the characters through the camera, so that virtual people can move like real people.Of course, such a virtual person needs a manipulator behind the scenes, whose actions, behavior, language, thoughts and feelings are all controlled by the person in the virtual person.The people in it are the real people behind it.Simple virtual human technology, can use Adobe CH software, embedded with many two-dimensional animated characters, you can move in front of the camera, so that the software capture your movements, and then let virtual people imitate, and then recorded into a video, is the primary virtual human video.A higher level of gameplay requires a professional team to conduct 3D modeling. To put it more simply, it is to pinch the face and make virtual people move through motion capture. Such services have been commercialized at present.A variety of these, are imperceptibly spawning the arrival of the meta-universe.’Many of the things we will do in the tech industry in the future will inevitably lead us to this meta-universe, even whether we want to or not,’ Mr. Luo said in a post on his Microblog.According to Huachuang Securities, people have better social experience, more content and freedom, more immersive and realistic experience and an economic system in the ultimate meta-cosmic Internet.Affected by the outbreak, the Internet development accelerates, yuan the universe to be raised again today, and is valued by many people is because modern technology development, make its have the possibility of more fully, there is another important reason, is the Internet after the PC, and mobile end after rapid development, the market need to explore the direction of the next stage.Many Internet giants in China have begun to explore this industry. At present, it is mainly based on the development of basic applications, such as Tencent’s Magic Core and Ali’s Whale Exploration, which is mainly aimed at NFT collection transactions.It is said that some digital artworks on the line were quickly snapped up.Of course, the beautiful metasverse is still in its infancy, and there are inevitably some problems.In the early stage of the industry, after all, will bring a certain dividend, if you can seize, earn a sum is not empty talk.Only when there is a break can there be a stand, in the new concept of birth, reality will face a chance to reshuffle.Although it seems that we are a little far away from the meta-universe, in fact, once more people accept it, the existing model will be easily broken, which will bring a lot of new opportunities and form a new red mouth. We should use a positive attitude to understand it, accept it, embrace it, and make it available to us.