The second anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death!Vanessa didn’t make a statement on social media or visit the new sculpture

2022-05-16 0 By

Who died just a few days ago, ushered in the kobe second anniversary of the day, this day, for basketball fans around the world is a very bad day, even if Bryant had already gone for two years, often in retrospect, still feel very pity, even basketball fans all immersed in the sad, so his wife, Sally is more heartache.Still remember Vanessa in kobe Bryant’s memorial service in tears, no matter how strong people can not accept such bad news.Although it was the anniversary of Bryant’s death, Vanessa didn’t post a message on social media about her husband’s memorial.In fact, we can totally understand her behavior. After all, it is her private business, and it is not necessary to publish her sadness to be truly sad. Only those who suffer silently are the most sad.On the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s death, many fans found that a statue was erected at the site of Kobe Bryant’s accident, a statue of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, so many fans also ran to the statue next to the flowers, in memory of Kobe Bryant and his daughter.But Internet users found that the new statue did not attract Vanessa to the memorial.As a result, many netizens were upset. Why didn’t she take kobe’s children to the place where her husband died?In fact, there is no need for users to come online. If it were you, would you come?After all, this place is kobe Bryant’s accident place, this is to let Vanessa the most sad place, every time back here, for their spirit will cause infinite damage, originally this day is already enough to make people sad, don’t want to give them a double blow?So there’s no blame for not showing up.In fact, kobe’s cemetery is away from his home is very near, therefore, on this day it is also possible that she took his own children to Bryant’s cemetery in memory of Bryant, so there is no public appearances, Vanessa are very interested in kobe’s monument next to take pictures, such as after Los Angeles appeared a kobe Bryant and his daughter mural, she is also a drive to accept as a souvenir,I miss my husband and daughter.Bryant died two years, Vanessa alone bear the burdens of family care, but Bryant made hundreds of millions of yuan on his legacy, enough to make them a rest easy, but alive than kobe Bryant, these legacy isn’t worth mentioning, after the loss of her husband, varney Sally also did not walk out from the sad, is always a single state.Again because she didn’t want to taste the taste of love lost, but people are always looking forward, after all her two children age is smaller, the eldest daughter maybe don’t need to take care of the father, but the remaining two daughters also need a father, only, Sally is not enough to a person, perhaps in the near future, varney Sally will form a new family again, also can understand our fans,Vanessa’s only 43, after all, and she can’t spend the rest of her life alone.Now it has been two years since Kobe passed away. Looking back at the disaster, everyone can’t believe how Kobe Bryant could say goodbye to the fans like this. So we must cherish the present people!