The mobilization order of the broad communist party members in the whole district

2022-05-16 0 By

All communists in Jiading District: according to the unified deployment of Shanghai Municipality, a new round of nucleic acid screening will be carried out in jiading District from April 1 to April 5.This is a key move in the prevention and control of the epidemic in our district under the current situation of the epidemic, and also a critical moment for all Party members to work together to win the big battle of epidemic prevention and control.The more special times communist Party members are, the more they must shoulder their special responsibilities, and the more critical times they are, the more they must step forward and fight in front of the enemy, so as to form a strong and concerted force among the people.”A party flag” party member to take the lead, resolutely implement the district party committee government deployment arrangement, firm response in residence village party organization, take the initiative to identify the party member, take the lead in residential area traffic control management requirements, take the initiative to do it “never leave home”, in line with the necessary living principle of moderate order delivery, express delivery, leading to drive around family, friends and neighbors,With practical actions to fully cooperate with the new round of nucleic acid screening work.”I am a Party member and I go first.” Party members take the initiative to play a pioneering and exemplary role. They take the initiative to register with the party organizations of village residents and become community volunteers on the spot.We should actively serve the people in difficulties around us, especially those in need of help, such as the elderly, the infirm, the handicapped and pregnant.”Everyone spreads positive energy” is an example of party members’ efforts to publicize epidemic prevention and control policies. They do not fabricate, believe or spread rumors, and actively spread positive energy to guide the people to correctly understand, actively cooperate and participate in epidemic prevention and control in an orderly manner, thus creating a boundless force for epidemic prevention and control.Persistence is victory, persistence to victory.As long as we are united as one, there will be no difficulty that we cannot overcome, no task that we cannot accomplish, and we will surely usher in victory.Bear the test of loyalty!With our joint efforts, our heroic city will surely usher in spring as usual!Author: Jiading, Shanghai