The cranes are up and the machines are turning!Neijiang project construction was accelerated

2022-05-16 0 By

At the construction site of the eastern section of Dengjiaba in Neijiang New District, dozens of excavators are busy and muck carriers are shuttling back and forth.As the last overall area to be developed in the main urban area of Neijiang city, after several years of construction, it will be transformed into a digital future city, an exhibition and trade port, and a healthy living island, realizing the new city of “300 meters green, 500 meters into the garden, 800 meters riverside”.At the construction site of the Maliuba Bridge in Neijiang, piling of the bridge foundation, reinforcing bar welding and road leveling are being carried out in an orderly way. The bridge for people’s livelihood and people’s livelihood is expected to be completed and open to traffic by June 2024.Although affected by the epidemic, major projects in Neijiang are still moving forward in an orderly manner while ensuring safety. The tower cranes and rotating machines are “telling” the “spring story” of neijiang’s accelerated construction and rapid development.Recently, the reporter learns from the municipal development and reform commission, since 2022, neijiang vigorously promotes the construction of key projects, compaction compaction responsibility to try my best to push the project starts early, speed up incremental construction project, to ensure that the provincial key project completion investment more than the entire province average level, the municipal key project completion investment increased year on year,Strive to enter the provincial key projects to promote the “red list” in the first quarter of 2022.Meanwhile, neijiang adhere to actively “go up” “going out”, in the full understanding of neijiang project to promote city (state) and other related situation, based on the prepared data analysis, each half completed investment in key projects on-site supervision, analyzing project one by one, in view of the problem, make plan, break through real elements, elements to deal with and investment in the complete plugging point,Ensure project progress is orderly.Project coordination service is the key to the smooth progress of the project.Relevant departments urge and guide project owners to complete the preliminary formalities of land use, environmental assessment and construction permit for key projects already started.Revised and improved the “Key Project Assistance service Team”, guided the assisting cadres to collect, coordinate and dispatch matters, decomposed and coordinated tasks, listed the dispatch list, reported the progress of the project to the leaders of the leading city on a monthly basis, and timely tracked the coordination and solution of problems, completed one project and sold one.