Experts teach you tips for snow removal and fuel economy

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The weather is getting colder and colder, it seems to be getting closer and closer to snow.According to the weather forecast, rain and snow will appear in some areas of our province at the end of the month.So, what’s bothering you about driving in the snow?Mr. Zhang, the owner of the car, recently called the hotline to tell reporters that the rain and snow is not the biggest distress, but the car parked outside, every time before driving to clear the snow on the car glass.As long as the speed of the car is slow, there will be no problem, but when the snow is cold, hands and cold, it is very troublesome, I do not know other owners have a simple and practical way.Scheme 1: snow removal is a common method for owners, but how to remove, there is also a lot of knowledge.The Master Wang that has old driving age tells a reporter, when windshield snow is more thicker before winter, must not blow snow with rain immediately.Many car owners habitually turn on their wipers when they see snow, which can easily damage them, especially in freezing weather.Even if there is no obvious failure of the wiper after snow removal, it is easy to damage the rubber strip of the wiper.The correct way is to start the car, open the hot air, blow the front window;Then remove the snow with a brush or towel.If there is ice, the residue can be removed with a snow shovel or plastic scraper.After the snow has largely cleared and the snow on the windshield has melted, the owner can use the wiper normally.When using tools to remove snow and ice, try to move in the same direction, do not scratch back and forth, to prevent hard objects left on the glass from hurting the glass.In addition, some impatient car owners like to thaw with hot water, so easy to cause broken window glass, windshield wiper deformation.Moreover, sudden cooling and sudden heat damage to the body paint surface is also great, so it is recommended that the owner not to use.Plan two: block if you think snow removal is too much trouble, it is good to put a coat on the car or front block glass, so that you can keep the snow and ice out of the car.Choose a coat for your car.With the car clothes to protect the snow, no matter how thick, “clothes” off, it will be all right.In addition, the winter air is dry, especially during the Spring Festival, some places will set off fireworks, easy to catch fire.High quality car clothing has anti-acid and anti-flame function, for your car parked outside is also a kind of protection.Not only in winter, but also in summer.Hot summer, car clothes can effectively resist strong uv damage to car paint interior and tires, but also to prevent the car temperature is too high.However, the choice of clothes is very important, if the clothes do not fit, unqualified, not as.Reporters in the automotive supplies market to see, some of its name “PVC” material car clothes, in fact, is a layer of plastic, some even rearview mirror cover are not.This kind of clothes worn on the car body, loose, when the wind hit the car clothes, but will scratch the car paint.Dongfeng Nissan good faith franchise after-sales consultant Ma Baolong told reporters, good car clothes should be tailored, in size and perfect match with the original car.In addition, be careful when using car clothes and remember to tighten the rope every time you put them on.Clothes folded flat, do not knead into a ball, so as not to leave a lot of small wrinkles on the clothes, wear the car paint surface when the next use.In addition, the owner should also pay attention to prevent the body wet, avoid and car clothes frozen together.There are two common ways to deal with snow on your front windshield.As the saying goes: “the wisdom of the masses is infinite,” about snow removal, car owners also have a lot of their own tips.Li zhao’s owner cut open the large biodegradable plastic bags used to hold garbage and cut a large piece to the size of the front windshield.After you park your car every day, place the plastic over the glass, clamped on both sides with the left and right front doors, and pressed down in the middle with a raised windshield wiper to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.When driving in the morning, just remove the plastic!Weimin Fukang owners sometimes snow wipers will freeze.Place a newspaper or a rag under your windshield wiper when you park your car to make it easier in the morning.Ausris QQ car owners prepare a few unused bank cards.Snow, with the bank card snow is good to use.Thin enough, sharp enough, and not hurt the glass!The owner of Zhang Xiao POLO bought a glass cleaning tool when decorating the house, but it has been idle since then.That day had a brainwave to get the car, found that the car window glass is very easy to use, snow snow is.The price is only a few dollars, and that’s making the most of it!Xiao Xie car owners listen to a friend said that the snow after parking in front of the windshield on a layer of newspaper is very useful.This method is simple, but after trial and error, if the newspaper is wet, it is easy to stick to the glass and not easy to remove.My solution is to wipe the water off the glass before laying down the newspaper, and then lay down several layers of newspaper to reduce the chances of getting wet.In the cold winter months, the car becomes a warm haven when we go out.How to let the car safe winter, we summed up the experience of some old drivers.Essentials: Gloves, a dry cloth, a fire extinguisher While many people don’t need to wear heavy gear when driving, a winter coat and gloves in the car can be a lifesaver in case you need to change a tire in the snow.With a duster to dust and snow on the car is every driver will do, but pay attention to never use a wet cloth to wipe the window, that will make the window ice and wipe more flowers, so the best winter car with a dry cloth.The winter wind climate is dry, some low quality of inhalers with abandoned spark cigarette butts, and dry leaves are easy to enter the engine room, so good and effective fire extinguishers are also necessary supplies.The event will run from April 8, 2022 to April 8, 2022