EDA policy frequency landing, “stuck neck” track localization replacement imperative

2022-05-16 0 By

Set micro network news, under tuyere, as integrated circuit industry chain “lifeblood” one of the EDA industry also ushered in a good opportunity for development.JW Insights statistics show that the size of the domestic EDA market is about $500 million, accounting for a very small proportion in the global EDA market.Localization rate is less than 10%, and the competition pattern is scattered.The newly issued policies of Shanghai municipality to promote the high quality development of Shanghai IC industry and Software Industry in the new period will push EDA industry to a new climax of “attention”.The policy puts forward a series of important measures such as implementing EDA ecological construction special action.Throughout 2021, from the central to the local, EDA related support policies frequently fall into place, forcing the EDA industry into the fast lane.For example, the “14th Five-year plan” for the Development of Software and Information Technology Service industry proposed that the establishment of EDA developers, chip design enterprises, OEM and other upstream and downstream enterprises joint technology tackling mechanism;”Shanghai Municipal Action Plan to promote the high-quality development of industrial software (2021-2023)” emphasized, accelerate the improvement of EDA layout, promote the preparation of national EDA innovation center.Here are the “policy highlights” for the EDA industry in 2021: