During the Spring Festival holiday, Liangshan received 2.1591 million tourists with a total revenue of 1.15 billion yuan

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Liangshan ethnic customs attract tourists.Sichuan online reporter Wang Yun reporter learned from liangshan Culture, radio, Film and tourism bureau on February 7 that during the Spring Festival holiday, liangshan 17 counties (cities) received a total of 2.1591 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 11%;Total tourism revenue reached 1.15 billion yuan, up 10% year on year.Affected by the epidemic and weather, tourists in Liangshan are mainly from Sichuan province and local tourists, while tourists from other places are mainly for leisure and vacation.The Xichang Qionglu Scenic spot has attracted a large number of tourists and citizens to enjoy the leisure and comfortable sunshine vacation life, with a total of 415,000 visitors in 7 days, up 32.17% year on year.Huidong Laojun Peak Scenic spot, Huili ancient City and other scenic areas have also attracted a large number of tourists.The number of tourists in Lugu Lake scenic area of Yanyuan County and Luoji Mountain Scenic area of Puge County decreased compared with previous years due to road closure (mountain closure) during the holiday due to heavy snow.Snow falls in Xichang on Feb 2, the second day of the Lunar New Year.At the same time, rural folk tourism has become a new favorite of tourists, xichang, Dechang, Huili, Huidong, Ningnan and other sunny vacation conditions of good counties (cities), rural entertainment, b&B and other rural tourism products are popular.Tourists experience ethnic customs in Huili.Wang Rongsheng photo during the holiday, Liangshan New Year folk temple fair, “art light cavalry spring performance” “Qionglu Spring come early happy Spring Festival” traditional culture into the scenic area, “Lantern Festival with colorful mass performance and garden tour activities” “Spring Festival dragon dance contest” and other various festival activities by the tourists.All A-level scenic spots in Liangshan prefecture will be open in A safe and orderly manner during the Spring Festival. In strict accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control guidelines of central and provincial departments, emergency plans will be formulated, epidemic prevention knowledge will be enhanced, and flow restriction management will be implemented (the reception requirements of 75% of the maximum carrying capacity per day will be strictly implemented).At the same time, through hanging propaganda slogans, issuing leaflets, strictly control fire sources and other measures to do a good job of forest grassland fire prevention work.During the Spring Festival holiday, the cultural tourism market was in good order.Source: Sichuan Online