Chinese men’s football team officially reduced to Asia’s third-rate!Japan international: Learn from Chinese women’s soccer team never give up

2022-05-16 0 By

Backward will be beaten, backward will be looked down upon, this applies to any field.Chinese football has gone to two extremes. The Women’s national football Team defeated Japan and South Korea to win the Asian Cup, and the men’s national football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the 8th round of the round of 12.This means that the Chinese women’s football team is the strongest in Asia, while the Chinese men’s football team has officially been relegated to the third tier in Asia. Vietnam has quietly moved ahead of us.After the Asian Cup, Japan’s West Ham Women’s soccer player Hiroshi Hasegawa told The Japanese media “Football-Zone” that the Japanese women’s soccer team should learn from the Chinese girls the spirit of never giving up and their ability to seize chances in front of goal.Note: Japan dominated the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup and took the lead twice while China equalized twice and beat their opponents in a penalty shootout to advance to the final.The Chinese women’s national football team won the respect of the strongest rival in Asian women’s football, while the Chinese men’s national football team became the joke in Asian football. The players ate sea cucumber every day, and the prize for winning a match in the round of 12 was 6 million yuan, but they got the worst beating, losing 3-1 to Vietnam, the weakest team in the round of 12.The defeat of this service means that the strength of China’s men’s football has been thoroughly reduced to Asia’s third-rate.The weakness of Chinese men’s football is visible to opponents.Therefore, before the match, The Vietnamese team focused on one thing, namely, beating the Chinese men’s football team on the first day of the Chinese New Year to win the first round of 12 matches in the history of the team. Now the Vietnamese team has done it, and the Chinese men’s football team has become a stepping stone for the opponent to brush the record.China men’s football team lost to Thailand before, now lost to Vietnam, myanmar and India are our rivals in the future, it can be said that there are not many Asian “soft persimmons” left for China men’s football team.Because the opponents are making progress, only The Chinese men’s football team is in the same place, no, it is the boat against the current in retreat, because the National Olympic and national youth team is worse than the current national football team, this is an iron general fact of Chinese football.