Wedding hall recruitment: every day fishing port wedding banquet hotel 8 management posts, waiting for you

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Wedding hall recruitment information is released, Yichun Daily fishing port Wedding Banquet Hotel is now recruiting: theme banquet hotel general manager, large banquet store general manager, banquet marketing deputy general manager, banquet sales director and other 8 major management posts.China’s wedding hall industry is about to enter the New Year recruitment season, “Marriage Industry Watch” for each enterprise to open recruitment information release channels, to help professionals more efficiently match the job.Maybe you don’t use it now, but it’s worth a lot of attention. Sooner or later, we will meet in the river’s lake!Every day every day fishing port reception hotel introduction fishing port reception hotel co., LTD. Is a collection of catering services, wedding planning, event planning, advertising in the diversification of the integrated companies, the company is located in yi chun city states yuan, total business area of more than 10000 square meters, with 10 different size of the banquet hall, the distinctive can meet the requirements of the customer diversification.The banquet hall is designed by CAI Shang, a top banquet designer in China, to create a wedding hotel with a million themes and set up a benchmark in the industry.After more than ten years of development and transformation, tiantian fishing port banquet hotel has three branches in Yichun, and has established a good reputation in the industry.Job requirements are as follows: General Manager of theme banquet hotel (urgently needed)44 years old of less than, sexs, married 2, international five-star hotel general manager position management experience more than 3 years, or large chain restaurant, large banquet, hotel general manager, director of five-star hotel chain restaurants over 3 years management experience in a performance to prove (constructions turnover of more than 100 million) 3, good at hotel service training and large banquet management coordination,Served constructions for successful experience at the same time in more than 2600 number 4, 5 hotel all kinds of outstanding management talent resources, has a good ability of plan as a whole the whole hotel projects that the contract time, strong execution 7, at least 3 years of 8, is willing to strive together with business people give priority to large banquet store 1, age:2. General manager of large chain restaurant, large banquet hotel or director of f&B in five-star chain hotel with more than 3 years of management experience;3. Excellent human resources in the catering industry; 4. Super executive power; 5.Under 37 years old, married, female preferred 2, large banquet hotel or five-star hotel front hall floor management experience of more than 3 years, served single restaurant at least 2200 diners at the same time successful experience 3, strong executive power, familiar with front hall management 4, contract time at least 2 years vice president of banquet marketing 1, Age:37, sexs 2, in the sales industry with more than 30 people team, management experience more than five years, the team performance in more than 80 million years of data 3, have the ability to work under high pressure and market development ability 4, for life is full of passion and enthusiasm for sales work full of 5, contract time at least 3 years of the catering sales director 1, age:2. Have led a team of more than 8 people in the sales industry, with more than 2 years of team management experience and over 15 million achievements. 3.2, building materials, furniture industry, cosmetics industry, beauty industry, second-hand housing industry, decoration company industry, guide industry, finance and tax reimbursement sales, network sales, wedding photography store sales, mortgage car loan pressure is preferred,Have the ability to work under high pressure 3. Full of passion for life and work 4. At least 2 years of contractUnder 35 years old, married, female preferred 2, large banquet hotel front hall floor management experience of more than 2 years, serving the number of diners in a single restaurant at least 1200-1500 successful experience 3, strong executive power, familiar with the front hall management 4, contract time at least 2 years1, is responsible for the overall 2, completes the wedding wedding planning innovation and channel department staff team management and training. 3, maintain HaoYi industry partners and docking services and new development of channel 4, lead the team to make high quality wedding execution skills are 1, 2, familiar with photoshop software, proficient in a variety of props material purchasing and stock up 3, hall lighting sound, LED screen 4, proficient in office software operationYour enterprise has recruitment needs, to us to release!If you have a targeted job search business, tell us directly!