Jiangsu Road Street 2022 Old community renovation project has been fully launched

2022-05-15 0 By

Information network on March 28 (correspondent Liu Yanmei) Jiangsu Road sub-district office in accordance with the overall planning requirements and deployment of the implementation plan to accelerate the transformation of the old community, On March 25, dengzhou Road transformation area in the University Road community took the lead in the renovation,District urban development Company, community leaders, comprehensive law enforcement squadrons, design companies, construction units and representatives of residents in the reconstruction area attended the commencement ceremony.With the reconstruction and upgrading project officially started, the old residential area with more than 50 years of history will usher in a beautiful butterfly change in July this year.At the same time, this also marks the 2022 jiangsu Road street old residential district renovation is fully rolled out.(Source: Jiangsu Road and Street Office) Jiangsu Road and Street office related personnel said, Jiangsu Road and Street in the first batch of transformation of four areas, 110 residential buildings, each area built in different years, built before 2000, the time span is large, a total of more than 2,080 residents, the construction area of about 65,000 square meters.In order to smoothly promote the later process, the district office has carried out a comprehensive demolition and cleaning of illegal buildings, disorderly construction and disorderly piles of sundries within the scope of reconstruction.The renovation of old residential areas will improve roads, water, electricity, gas, communications, lighting and other facilities, repair and renovate sewage rainwater pipes and public parts of houses, increase public service facilities such as barrier-free, convenient services, fire fighting, security and fitness equipment, improve the functions of the residential areas and improve the living environment of residents.The reconstruction of old residential areas is not only a livelihood project that people need and look forward to, but also an important part of urban renewal.In accordance with the principle of “stay, change and tear down”, the old residential area of Jiangsu Road street will be reconstructed to leave valuable historical blocks, transform the basic supporting facilities that are not convenient for people’s life, remove worthless things, and combine with the construction of historical blocks such as “Century-old Jiangsu Road, Happy Time”, so as to be closely combined with the organic renewal of the city.