How to choose “Zheng Good ban” and “Yu Shi Ban”?All mobile terminals should converge to “Yu Shi Ban”

2022-05-15 0 By

Big river network news (reporter Song Xiang Le) a lot of cities have their own mobile government affairs client, when doing business, how should choose after all?What is the relationship between “Yu Shi Ban” and some other city clients, such as “Zheng Hao Ban” and “Luo Kuaiban”?On February 16, guo Binhui, deputy director of the e-government Department of the Provincial Big Data Bureau, answered the question at the eighth press conference of the series “Practical and Beneficial To the People” held by the information Office of the Henan Provincial Government.Guo Binhui said, “at the beginning of the things in the ‘do’ construction, investigates the construction of multiple provinces, almost all the APP + small program for the construction of the model, so we in the construction of matter do APP side at the same time, relying on alipay platform construction and things do small program, purpose is to let people can be found through various channels and use matter do ‘.”At present, more than a dozen provincial cities and jiyuan demonstration zone have built the city’s government service mobile terminal. If ordinary people handle business online, they need to download more than one government service mobile terminal, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to ordinary people.Starting from the public demand, Henan Provincial Big Data Bureau makes overall planning from the provincial level, and takes “Yuzhibo” as the official mobile terminal entrance of government departments at all levels of the province to provide public services and government services to henan people.”Zheng” easy “los do quickly move to the high quality of the municipal government services such as application to” prepare matter do “together, so as to realize mobile terminal applications across departments to” prepare matter do “together, so let’s henan people don’t have to download multiple mobile end government services, through” and what do “can handle the entire province each city business.