Attract high-quality young talents Tai ‘an Daiyue District bureau of social security organization college students into the enterprise

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Qilu network · Lightning news On February 15, in order to thoroughly implement the strategy of strong talent area, and vigorously attract high-quality young talents to stay in Daiyue, daiyue service, daiyue construction, On February 11, Tai ‘an Daiyue District bureau of people and Social Security together with Dawenkou town to effectively seize the peak of college students returning home, to carry out “three one” activities for college students,Organize dawenkou town college students and above stationed in Taishan gypsum close experience, contact, discussion.In the activity, the relevant person in charge of Taishan Gypsum introduced the construction situation of the company in detail to the college students, and led them into the production workshop and exhibition hall to understand the production process and working and living environment of the company in detail.The college students showed great enthusiasm in the activities.There are many students on the scene of the activity hope to taishan gypsum practice.On the symposium, taishan Gypsum related person in charge of the detailed introduction of the enterprise, the direction of future development planning and personnel recruitment treatment, talent growth training plan.Dawenkou town related person in charge of the township about the employment of talents, the university students to participate in the event.The person in charge of the relevant section of the bureau of Dayue District mainly introduces the preferential policies of employment and entrepreneurship issued by dayue district for all kinds of young talents and college graduates, and organizes the college students to carry out a symposium, the site issued a questionnaire and enterprise recruitment guidelines, and understands the ideological dynamics and employment intentions of college students.This activity is based on the needs of enterprises and talents, two-way guidance, to help enterprises actively attract high-quality young talent resources, enhance the initiative and enthusiasm of college students to choose Daiyue and stay in Daiyue, create a good employment atmosphere, and contribute to the construction of a dynamic Daiyue, Xiumei strong district.Lightning news reporter Wang Xun correspondent Zhu Jialin tai ‘an report