Aging beauty: The stunning Sophie Marceau, who never married, is still smiling at 55

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Feng xiaogang is known as “Feng pants”. He is not afraid of heaven or earth, and shows no mercy to any actress he doesn’t like. However, there is only such a foreign woman, feng xiaogang, who is picky, has never criticized her, but has full tenderness for her.This woman is Sophie Marceau.Sophie Marceau was born in Paris in the 1960s, the son of a truck driver and a saleswoman.By the time she was 14, Sophie Marceau was over 6 ‘7 “tall and her looks were maturing. She developed a face suitable for the big screen and soon landed an acting role in First Contact.This is a story about a 13-year-old girl’s puppy love, which is not so mature, but it has imprinted Sophie’s beauty on many people’s hearts, making her become the lover in thousands of teenagers’ dreams.As a teenager, she cycled through the streets in jeans and long hair, hailed as “the Kiss of France”.She has a stubborn, bitter look, not so soft, but also a male look, the combination is amazing.It was the ’80s, the Audrey Hepburn era was coming to a close, and Hollywood’s hottest women, sigourney Weaver of Alien and Jamie Lee Curtis, had, unsurprisingly, angular, slightly rugged faces.Sophie’s looks, by contrast, are tender and innocent, with a French touch that takes her out of an era.But after becoming famous, the price came. Young Sophie could not decide what works she wanted to shoot. She could only passively follow the eyes of her agent, who thought that the most attractive part of her appearance and temperament was pure and pure, so she was only allowed to play literary films.But Sophie has long been tired of pretending to be cute, as she said in an interview: “I don’t know what the audience would like to see me play, but I just want to challenge myself.1984, Sophie Marceau finally break free from the shackles of agent, in the love of the wild “, a lot of Disney child stars get bored after grow up myself wrapped in sweet candy under the cloak of identity, love the real you, and step by step backward, to reveal themselves too sexy side, from child star transformation into sexy actress is everywhere.And Sophie is no exception, at the same time, she not only used a film to get rid of their childish, unbound soul, she also fell in love with the guide to her own director Andrei Zorasky.Before leaving for the set, Sophie heard rumors that Andre was a control freak, and she was terrified that she would be “dumbstruck” by him, but within ten minutes of meeting him, she fell for his charm.It was an emotion more violent than a mountain fire, but to the outside world, it was the rebellion of an eighteen-year-old woman, and the foolproof disaster of French literary and artistic circles. Andre Zorasky was twenty-six years older than Sophie Marceau, enough to be her father.But even if the outside world of fierce again, Sophie’s ideas are always firmly, she is not covet Andre and, in the name of the is not in a hurry and marry him, or by his superior, she just enjoy together with him, the boot, the education that kind of feeling, never got this in her childhood preference for sons.She said in the interview that Andre was like a mentor, wiser and more knowledgeable than she was, and when she was fussy about something, he told her it was just work.People think that The combination of Sophie and Andre, because of a publicity emotional drama lost himself, but in Sophie’s eyes, it is because of the help of Andre, so that she will not lose herself in money.In the French film circle, Sophie Marceau has always been outspoken, many directors are afraid of her, when she shot the Police and director Maurice Piara fell out with, did not hesitate to point out Murray’s mistake in public, but for Andre, she held the greatest respect, every quarrel is her first concession.In love, Sophie gave birth to a son for Andre, and she stayed with him infamously for more than a decade. The two never married.A reporter asked Sophie about this, Sophie answered calmly, she said that true love does not need a marriage certificate to prove.Andre stopped making films in 1991 after he made The Blue Movement.At the same time, the rift between him and Sophie also slowly increase.In 2001, Sophie Marceau and Andre broke up, as calmly as two friends embracing each other before the arrival of a platform train before boarding separate trains.After the breakup, Sophie Marceau went to Hollywood, where she met Jim, an American producer, and fell in love with him and gave birth to their daughter. However, the romance did not lead to marriage, and she later fell in love with Christopher Lambert for several years.In 2016, Andre, who had dominated her youth, died, and Sophie Marceau attended the funeral dressed all in black with a cotton and linen scarf.At the funeral she held a bouquet of white roses and mournfully looked down at her lover’s coffin with her son, who had grown up and looked a little like Andre.Now Sophie has been 55 years old, although there are some traces of old, but the eyes are still clear, especially that signature smile, as in those days, a smile.Although there are too many disappointments in life, Sophie still smiled and walked over.What time has brought her is not only old, but also a strong heart.