Vegetable meat, Spring Festival goods clearly marked, car washing, hairdressing does not rise in price……Songjiang to carry out pre-holiday special inspection

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With the Spring Festival approaching, the pre-holiday consumption peak comes.In order to ensure the pre-holiday market stability and order, songjiang District market supervision bureau recently carried out pre-holiday various market prices special inspection.On January 26, Jiuting Market Supervision office selected key law enforcement officers to carry out a special inspection of market prices in supermarkets, barber shops, car washes and other business venues in the area.At 9:30 a.m., reporters followed law enforcement officers came to nine pavilion farmers market.Law enforcement officers focus on the price of commodities clearly marked, the operator purchase bills, epidemic prevention measures and other inquiries, and the operator can give accurate answers.A person in charge of the Jiuting Farmers’ Market said that during the Spring Festival, vegetables, pork and other “vegetable basket” products are well supplied and prices are relatively stable.Later, law enforcement officers came to inspect wumart supermarket, one of jiuting’s large supermarkets.Supermarkets are neatly arranged with all kinds of goods for the Spring Festival. On the shelves where goods are sold, each item is clearly marked with a price.Law enforcement officers told the supermarket responsible person must earnestly fulfill the main body responsibility, consciously comply with the price management of the provisions and requirements, to eliminate the occurrence of false original price, false publicity, false discounts and price gouging.Then, law enforcement personnel came to the jingshi hairdressing shop and Jiashiduo car maintenance station.In jingshi hairdressing shop, law enforcement personnel carefully checked the service price list, found that service items, content, prices are clearly marked, more standard.Castrol car maintenance station on the spot commitment, during the festival car washing, polishing and other services do not rise in price.From the inspection of the day, the market festival atmosphere is strong, the price is stable and orderly.Major supermarkets and farmers’ markets have made every effort to ensure the supply of goods. There is sufficient supply of grain, edible oil, meat and poultry milk and other livelihood commodities, and their prices are generally stable.In addition, car washing, hairdressing and other industries have not found price gouging phenomenon.It is understood that the district market supervision bureau has recently carried out a number of pre-holiday special inspection of various market prices, to prevent the use of the epidemic and pre-holiday factors of goods hoarding residents daily necessities, price gouging, focusing on the qualification of business owners, clear price and other related aspects of inspection.In the next step, the district Market Supervision Bureau will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, effectively perform the market supervision function, carry out peak inspection, error inspection, effectively ensure the smooth market order of the Spring Festival festival.Text: Liang Feng Photo: Jiang Huihui Editor: Ding Yijie Lu Yiyi Qin Tian Guan Hao author: Songjiang Shanghai