Sanzha Town: artistic performances into the village culture benefit people warm people

2022-05-14 0 By

On February 16, Sanzha town of Ganzhou district invited the folk art troupe of Ganzhou district to carry out cultural performance to the countryside and benefit the people, presenting a wonderful cultural feast for the masses.Ganzhou district folk art troupe of actors closely related to the actual life of rural people, through the melodious singing, graceful dance and traditional opera performances and other programs, let people enjoy the cultural feast at home, feel the charm of culture in close proximity.All the villagers said, “I used to think that life in the countryside was monotonous, but now WHEN I sing, dance and read books, I feel that life is full, joyful and ambitious!I am even more happy to see wonderful cultural performances right at home.Next, three brake town will be to create a rural construction demonstration village as an opportunity to enrich the activities of the carrier, continue to carry out all kinds of culture and countryside huimin activities, carry forward the new wind upright, condensed the positive energy, improve the cultural quality, stimulates the countryside culture renewal and realize cultural ZhuMin, culture, polity, culture huimin new atmosphere.(Zhang Xiaoyan, Sanzha Town)