Miyun Road people’s Spring Festival is always “on the road”

2022-05-14 0 By

When thousands of families enjoy the Spring Festival reunion, there is such a group of “orange figure”, they stick to the road line as usual, “give up their small homes, protect everyone”, to ensure the safety of the people to travel.Today let’s walk into the Spring Festival of Wang Xinming, a highway man.During the Spring Festival, many trunk highways and tourist routes in Miyun District can be seen everywhere in the busy orange figures.Since the beginning of the festival, the highway department has carried out a series of road maintenance and environmental remediation work. Wang Xinming, who is responsible for the protection of the road environment, has not taken a rest, working hard in the road maintenance line, to create a smooth and comfortable holiday travel environment for the public.According to Beijing Road bridge Ruitong Maintenance Center Co., LTD. Maintenance minister Wang Xinming introduced, in view of the characteristics of large holiday traffic, Beijing Road bridge Ruitong maintenance Center Co., Ltd. increased daily cleaning efforts, at the same time to the road scattered, road pit groove timely disposal, to ensure road safety and smooth.Holiday traffic flow, road safety and smooth is particularly important for citizens.Because of the particularity of the work, the holiday is the busy period of road people, the more important the time node, Wang Xinming’s heart strained even tighter than usual.Road cleaning, road surface repair, auxiliary facilities repair, highway safety inspection……He and his colleagues have been “on the road” this Spring Festival.”In fact, I am not the only one, like the Spring Festival such holidays, our maintenance workers have more than 200 people are on duty, this time we pay more time and energy than usual.Because there are many people and many cars during the holidays, once there is a road spill or road disease, it is necessary to quickly clean up and dispose of it to prevent blocking road traffic.”Beijing Road bridge Ruitong Maintenance Center Co., Ltd. maintenance department minister Wang Xinming said.Wang xinming has been working in highway maintenance for more than a decade, starting in 2008.Flood prevention and rescue in summer, ice shoveling and snow removal in winter, emergency duty on holidays and midnight emergency handling of floods and landslides are normal working conditions. Keeping his mobile phone on 24 hours a day has become a habit for him.In addition to the Spring Festival, Wang Xinming seldom goes home to have a good meal with her family and chat with them during every holiday. She can only take out photos of her children and look through them during breaks and then devote herself to her work.This Spring Festival, in the citizens to visit relatives and friends, out to travel on the trunk highways of provinces and counties, this group of “orange figure” constituted a most beautiful highway scenery line, they stick to it with hard, in return for the people all the way smooth and smooth peace.”I have been working on road maintenance for 13 years, and almost every Spring Festival comes like this.Since the birth of our child until now, we have not been with him for the Chinese New Year every year. I really feel a little owed, but my family also understand that it is not easy for us to work.I think it’s all worth it to make the journey home easier for everyone.”Beijing Road bridge Ruitong Maintenance Center Co., Ltd. maintenance department minister Wang Xinming said.Taken by Zhao Li, Edited by Meng Chenran, Yu Lianmei