Laser cleaning in tire mold industry application advantages

2022-05-14 0 By

Every year, the world’s tire manufacturers manufacture hundreds of millions of tires, the tire mold cleaning process must be rapid and reliable, in order to save downtime.Traditional cleaning methods include sandblasting, ultrasonic or carbon dioxide cleaning, but these methods usually must be moved to the cleaning equipment for cleaning after a few hours of cooling of the hot mold, cleaning time is long, and easy to damage the precision of the mold, chemical solvents and noise will also cause safety and environmental problems.Using laser cleaning method, because the laser can be used to transmit optical fiber, so in the use of deep elastic;Because laser cleaning can be connected with optical fiber to guide the light to the dead corner of the mold or difficult to clean the part.There are two mechanisms of laser cleaning rubber: first, the high temperature generated by laser causes instant combustion and gasification of rubber surface;The second is that the rubber particles on the surface of the aluminum sheet are splashed by the thermal vibration of the deep layer of rubber and the thermal impact of the laser pulse.Although the initial investment cost is high, the benefits obtained in saving standby time, avoiding mold damage, working safety and saving raw materials can be quickly recovered.The principle of laser cleaning is the use of high frequency high energy laser pulse irradiation surface, coating layer can instantly absorb laser energy focus, make the oil, rusty spot or coating on the surface of the evaporating or dissection, high-speed effectively remove attachments to or surface coatings on the surface cleaning, and action time is very short laser pulse, won’t hurt the metal base material under proper parameters.The advantages of laser cleaning tire mold: 1, efficient: laser radiation to the surface of the mold, will be absorbed by the sediment on the surface of the mold.Under the action of high temperature energy, the sediment vaporizes and evaporates from the surface of the object in a very short time.At the same time with automatic equipment, cleaning time will be greatly reduced.And the traditional cleaning method, such as ultrasonic cleaning, after preheating, cooling and other processes to clean, need a long time.And for a tire manufacturer that produces thousands of tires a day, laser cleaning technology is obviously the most efficient.2, reliable: laser beam can reach the parts of the cleaning is not easy to clear, cleanliness is higher.Moreover, laser cleaning for non-contact cleaning, cleaning process does not add any solvents or substances, so in the appropriate process parameters, will not cause damage to the mold.Compared with the traditional mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and other methods, more reliable.3, environmental protection: laser cleaning is the use of high energy beam, do not need to use any organic solvent, so no pollution, no noise, harmless to the human body and the environment.